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hi everyone I'm building a new pc can any one help i've got a level 10 gts mid case will a sabertooth Z97 mk1 and a radeon R90 290 fit into the case also I will I need  a CPU cooling fan what power supply do you think I need and will I be able to connect the 2 top, 1 rear exhaust fans plus 1 front and side intake to the power supply any help would be a grate help thanks ken

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Hi Silky, i actually posted a tool on the forums where you can check how much power your components suck out of the wall


the tool can be found on this thread


in all honestly i recommend something a little higher than what the calculator says, also gives you more room for future upgrades :)


Do you have any pics you can share with us on the build so far?

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Hi Ken,


Base on the components you provided,


total wattage is around 427 watttge by using PSU wattage calculator tool (d0_ob recommended :))


After reading some articles of "Pick the Right Wattage Power Supply",  


Advised to build a PSU reaches initial load about 50% ~ 60% of a PSU's capacity in order to 


achieve maximum efficiency, extend PSU life and space for future expansion.


Recommend PSU wattage arond 850W and above.


Although the higher wattage the better, but the cost is higher also.


It really depends on your budget.


Wish we do help on selecting Your Ideal PSU  ^_^

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