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PewPew Gaming - Tt South Africa

TT Ben

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Hi guys, give a huge shout out to team Pew Pew gaming from South Africa!


"PewPew Gaming are proud to announce an official partnership with Tt eSPORTS. An exciting and perfect match for both organisations considering the drive for success and honour they both share.


As Proud members of the Tt eSPORTS family, PewPew endeavours to hold high the name of Tt eSPORTS and the values that they as an organisation and brand hold dear. Striving for success and victory on all the fields of competition and to further add to an already successful brand.


We look forward to a long and successful partnership, showcasing the quality of the Tt eSPORTS hardware to a flourishing gaming community in South Africa as well as abroad.


Leveraging top of the line technology and hardware we will be best positioned for success in our chosen fields of combat.

Bring it on, we are ready for you, PewPew!"


PewPew gaming



Cady Maritz


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Hi Guys :D


We are testing a new comp mode tonight with a mix match of players from our club. The stream is set to go live at 8pm SA time. We are testing the stream live on our website as well so everyone is welcome to come check it out and give some feedback on stream quality etc :) Remember that this comp mode is in a testing phase so there will be some people with critique around it.


Simply scroll down to the stream section.


If you cannot manage to make it work on the website you can check it out on YouTube directly


Date: 17 Nov 2015


Hope to see you there!


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It is with great pride that we announce one of our core players KvTQuanTM_Tte has made the unofficial national side, the Southern Barbarians to compete in the ESL Nations Cup for Battlefield 4.




PewPew Gaming wishes QuanTM and the Southern Barbarians all the best!

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