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12vhpwr PCIe Gen 5 Splitter Cable direction

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I have Toughpower GF3 1200W PSU and I have two RTX 3090 GPUs. One of the GPU has 2 PCIe power connector and the other has 3 so a total of 5 PCIe cables are required.

This means, I don't have sufficient number of PCIe slots on my PSU to power my GPUs and the CPU.

Is it possible to use 12vhpwr to 2x8 pin cable bi-directionally to save PCIe slots on the PSU side?

To be more precise, is it possible to connect 12vhwpr side to PSU and 2x8 pin side to GPU? 


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Thanks for the information.

It'd be nice to have cables using 12vhwpr on the PSU to power GPUs having no 12vhpwr slot. The cables already support 600W which is good enough for GPUs like RTX 30 series for example.

This way I could have used the limited number of PCI-e slots on the PSU (there are only 4 on my PSU) for other components, e.g. additional GPUs or additonal power for an overclocking CPU etc...

I'm not sure why there is no such cable in the market. Perhaps there is a technical reason which I'm not aware of.

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