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Core P5 Cable Extension PCI-E (Riser)

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Hi !


I have a thermaltake Core P5 and i bought a new video card for it. Before i had a Radeon 5650 and no problem with the riser. Now i have a GTX 970 Strix from Asus and when i plug it with the riser i have a lot of problem with driver from the Asus GTX 970 Strix. They always crash and not responding... For the moment i have plug my Asus GTX 970 Strix normally on the mother card and everything its ok.


Can you give me a solution please ?


Thank you !

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Hello everyone,


thank you all for the feedback on the riser cable, we are aware some are having issues and we have a re-work option to replace the Riser Cable included with the Core P5 for you free of charge.


Please see the topic here:



Look forward to working with you all to resolve!

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it's Mike Fierheller but i think it's you ? 

I'm waiting for RMA for the P5 riser cable, i'm the author of this post.

We told me to wait the end of Chinese New year holiday...


Sorry for that, I have been working with a couple different people on this.


Please see this thread and email me:


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