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Thanh you I !   Some more pictures whith the main feature :

a pretty cool option for easy maintenance !

The highest point are the 90° rotary fittings on the CPU waterblock :  

Posted Images

As a wood working craftsman - I can appreciate the blend of natural ingredients and technology - wow - love it!!!

Real thank you !


Just imagine if the monitor is also wood. Love it man! even the USB ports!!! WoW!!!  :D  :wub:


Not a wood monitor... But I keep the idea :)

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Woah!!!! It's better than I imagined! Good job mate!  I really love what you did there with the ports! AWESOME!!!! :D:wub:


Thank you !

c'est absolument magnifique, et réfléchi dans les moindres détails (j'adore l'écrou de vidange sous le plateau B) )



Jolie travail , surtout sur la fin ! Pour avoir vu le chantier en cours je dit chapeau !

Merci les Bougnats ! :)

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