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Introducing new feature - DPS G Riing RGB

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Thermaltake DPS G Riing RGB Mobile App, allowing users to customize the RGB lighting for their power supply fan, and even let the LED dance in sync with the beat. Main features like Sound Effects and Microphone within the app offer users more lighting choices. Especially, the app can detect the sound waves from either the music library or other external sources. The signals will be sent to the fan so that it can flash with the beat.



Sound Effects

The Sound Effects is an innovative soundwave function that allows the LED responses to music when users are playing a song on the music library. By simply pressing the button, selecting a song, and sharing it with the fan, and then the lighting will groove with the beat. Enjoying the melodies while admiring the light show!


The Microphone function is used to make the lighting dance in sync with the beat that is sent from other external sources, such as when users are producing music, watching a film or playing an instrument, instead of being inputted from the music library.

Color Palette

The Color Palette enables users to customize the lighting and express their personality, style and attitude by setting any colors they want for their fan. Users can also adjust LED brightness to fit different occasions.

Random Color

By choosing an astonishing random flashing effect, users can create a vibrant mood for their build, and will never get bored of the light show.

RGB Cycle

Brighten up the build with a stunning spectrum running effect where the LED changes colors from one to another by color fading.


The static lighting will keep flashing on and off frequently when the Blink effect is applied to the fan.


Download the mobile app:
[App Store] https://goo.gl/YmnUC2
[Google play] https://goo.gl/Kc6BM5
Download the PC app: https://dps.thermaltake.com/en/product

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