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Suggestion For Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G RGB PSU !


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This year is amazing. We can see RGB in every desktop components (ram, graphic card, gpu water block, cpu liquid cooler, ssd, keyboard, mouse, cooling fan etc....), in PSU also thanks to Thermaltake for being first. To make it easy and play more with pc component's rgb lights like controlling and syncing color & mod for all lights together...., motherboard company like Asus made AURA Sync. Gigabyte is also not far away with their RGB fusion. It would be great, if thermaltake's Toughpower DPS G RGB's light could be controlled by it, specially with Asus's AURA Sync.


Many companys are working with asus and making sure to support aura sync for better user experience with their product. So is it possible for Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G RGB psu?


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thank your for the great suggestion.

we will be striving to work this out  :)

If that happens, that'll be a dream come true. I hope Thermaltake would be able to request and give driver support to the motherboard manufacturing company so this feature can be supported. 

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I mean, not neccesarily being the only option. But being an option would be GREAT! Please do it for the community/consumers... I love your case and PSUs. Would hate to switch to an Aura Sync compatible RGB PSU.

The other features are great too BTW! Would love to see the updates tho. Still kinda buggy.


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