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[Philippines] Mhike Samsin

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Thanks everyone it's a great honor to be part of this awsome event. Thank you also to all the sponsors, Thermaltake Technology inc, Thermaltake e-sports, ASUS, Intel, Luxa2 and V-color for the wonderful support you've given to this event, You guys rock! 

this will be my entry in this year's competition. Cheers and good luck to everyone! 


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More updates today. I really have no final theme and ideas for this build yet. just doing things as I move along. It's a bit hard to plan when you only have the case to work with. Good thing I have some leftover parts here that I can use to test fit the components that I will be using.

some quick updates.

sliding rails and mini gas shocks. i'll be using this for the custom mounts and supports for the inner frame.

how everything looks at the moment.




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