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[USA] Marc Molella

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7 hours ago, Avandas said:

Welp, you've got my vote!


6 hours ago, Randy Gunter said:

From an aspiring modder, you have my vote!


4 hours ago, Guest Corey said:

Got my vote


1 hour ago, Guest VegasTex said:

Good luck on the competition, and hope it rubs off on me as well.

Wow thanks very much guys, more updates probably tomorrow!

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Ok on to the next update!

Work has almost completed on the tower 900.

I had a plaque made by the infamous "Darth Beavis" Richard Surroz.


Motherboard mounted, testing some lighting


Thermaltake ASUS Strix waterblock installed


Time to get the tubing bent


Regardless of how many wires I have, I always try to keep everything clean, even in the back where you won't see it, still needs work here 


Final teaser for now!
FYI I have multiple lighting modes ;)



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