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thank you THERMALTAKE for making me learn the HARD WAY


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Hi everybody,


i wanted to share my 1st experience in water-cooling .


i don't play games, i'm a designer and i needed powerful gpus in a rig.


i started so to buy some components,


one asus x99-AII motherboard

an intel i7 6850k

4 x 16 gb of ram g.skill 3200

samsung 500 gb ssd

2 x 4tb seagate 7200 hd

1 nvidia geforce 750ti

1 nvidia titan x pascal

1 nvidia 1080ti

1 psu thermaltake tough power dos rub 1250w

1 thermaltake core p3


i thought 1st the core p3 would be great to not have the gpus hanging up to the motherboard.


i thought that over heating would going to be an issue so i started looking for a water cooling system even i'm not very enthusiast about mixing water and electricity, beside i heard here and there that with o-rings, you never know if it is not going to leak one day or the other, since i would use that computer to compute, it was gonna be difficult to stay awake next to it while it renders for let's say two whole week, well, i would need something i could rely on.


so i found that thermaltake pacific rl 360 d5 hard tube rgb water cooling kit.


since i don't knew nothing about water cooling, i've started to check reviews about it on the web and all agreed it was a good kit.


for sure i knew that this kit wouldn't be enough to build a loop, i needed fittings and bending tube kit and so plus i wanted it to be a little nice so i've order gb led fittings (which is a #### to find one order) other cpu block (W3 or something like this, for the gpus water blocks it wasn't clea if thermaltake 10 series were compatibles so i sent them a message trough the web page but i never got any answer of course, so i went for the EKWB since it was clear it was for titan and 1080ti.


so first of course i've checked were i live (in spain) to find it but the only online shop i founded is not working properly, it is called pccomponentes.es and every time i go for a checkout, i get a blank page and my order is never done, plus they don't have everything i needed of course.


so, i was already starting to get angry with getting that water cooling stuff, when you need something for working you don't need it it 6 month.


i've checked then the official thermaltake website and looked at where you can buy thermaltake products in spain, there is a page which list all the stores and online shops, great, except that all shops listed there with links and everything were at choice, not available anymore, they don't had thermaltake products or just one old cpu fan or so.


so i got more and more angry, i've checked again the thermaltake website where there is a shop and on the website there's ttshop premium or something like this so i thought ok great let's order here, then i found out that wherever you point to this online shop ( i thought naively that when you go to the german or spain thermaltake website, you're gonna then order in those countries but no) you point to the us shop. ok... then, let's order in the us, that's no problem, except again that the amount of my order was around 900usd and the delivery fees and taxes were about 600usd, ####????


anyway, i started to order thing separates here and there trough amazon .es .de .uk watercooling.uk etc etc, nowhere i could find everything i had to split all the purchases.


after at least one week, my orders were done so i was waiting for my components.


while i was doing this also was looking where i could find riser cables since i knew there's only one with the core p3 and here and there on the web, i found out that those cables were not reliable, okkkk, i discovered then that many people had issues with it and i chosen then to go for other cables ezdiy.


i stared to receive my components  so i wanted 1st to test the rig without WC, first issue, the core p3 comes with enough space in the gpu bracket to put there 3 gpu but they only give you 2 pci riser bracket, ok, i started to think that it was a joke but i didn't knew i had more surprises to face.


i found a solution and everything was working properly, even the gpu stacked together were not over heating so much but it was just a test so maybe after one week running and heating water cooling would be the good choice in the end.


so, i started to bend the tubes and everything, btw, thermaltake, thank you for the very clever bending tube kit with which you can not have 2 90° edges with less than at least 10 cm between each edge, must be a genius the guy who designed this kit, anyway, i ended up by having my tubes done.


i had my loop, cleaned up everything, flushing the distilled water and everything as said in the thermaltake instructions, and since i'm a idiot listening to professional advices i used C1000 thermaltake coolant as advised in the kit manual, theres a red bottle delivered with so i thought is was a good idea to spot leaks with it.


no leaks, everything was perfect, i was glad that for the 1st time i was doing this i at least didn't had a leak.


what i didn't knew at this time is you can have worst problem than leaking. i started to notice white milky areas in my loop, i thought it was normal and that i had to wait that everything get stabilised but by monitoring the cpu and gpus temperature i was getting crazy numbers so i decided to stop everything. i discovered then that fins in the gpus and cpu water blocks were like closed by this white milky stuff in the coolant and i was like WHAT IS THAT ####????


then i searched trough the web to find this:




or this:



and i was like, ok, ####........


so since, it is been 3 days i'm cleaning everything, i had to dismantle everything to the las tiny part of everything, i had to search how to open the reservoir because of course thermaltake doesn't tell you anything in the manual, find solutions on the web how to clean parts while guys tell you to use vinegar, soap etc and for example EKWB tells you to above all not use vinegar on water blocks (i mean the copper parts) well........


i knew it was going to be not easy to build a loop for the first time but i've done many things more complicated than doing this and i was able to do everything by following the instructions. the problem here is you have to guess a lot of things or get information trough the web, and the caution instruction given by TT just ruined my loop, fittings and everything, after cleaning everything and building the loop again i hope everything will work, i post here even without sending any email to TT customer support cause i'm sure they're not even going to respond to me, or after 6 month maybe if they do, by reading all the issues with the c1000 if i was them i would accept to tell that there could be a problem with that coolant and avise customers not to use it.


anyway, i wanted things no be nice and easy and that thermaltake company made me do the opposite, learn the hard way, one day with my first loop, the second by dismantle and cleaning everything, re-ordering tubes, fittings, coolant, ####.... thank you thermaltake, you're very professional.



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Didn't use this fluid right off the hop... saw these issues and complaints and just used PrimoChill True Infused - Insanely Concentrated Liquid Pre-Mix (8oz) - Red. Essentially it's $30 worth of problems from what I see. They make opaque too and I know you have this issue and there were complaints, but that is a job I don't want, and I don't want to do RMAs for liquid to clean it twice, ever. I get it needs maintenance - but every 12 hours - no go for me. lol

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On 9/9/2023 at 11:00 PM, donovanc said:

Refusing RMAs for liquid cleaning, even when maintenance is necessary, is consistent with the careful approach needed for assignments such as composing an IB essay. IB Writing Service  https://ibwritingservice.com/ maintains this level of attention to detail, guaranteeing accuracy and dependability in academic pursuits.

It's understandable not to want to go through the hassle of returning liquid for maintenance twice. Regular maintenance is crucial, but streamlining the process can save time and effort.

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