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Motherboard Voltage Problem - Thermaltake Smart Series 600W


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Hi ppl, how are you?


Here is the deal: I've build my PC 4 months ago, all new parts. My motherboard is a MSI 970A SLI Krait Edition! My PSU is a Thermaltake Smart Series 600W (PS-SPD-0600NPCWBZ-W).


Looking at HWMonitor, I can see that the 12v line is reading between 13.500v and 13.990v! it's just way too much, while the 5v line is reading 3.3v only, witch is way too low... I don't know if it's because of the 13.500~13.990 voltage, but I have a temperature reading at my MB that is constantly at 78-81º... way too hot for that reading, internet has been saying. So... the question is: 


› Anyone has experienced this problem with this PSU? 

› How can I send it to warranty? I'm from Brazil!


Please, someone give me a light.

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Hi Friend from Brazil


Thanks for contacting via Tt forum. 

As for your question, I am suggesting using a multi meter to get the accurate reading.

From our experience, reading from Hardware Monitor could be way off from the actual one.

If it's difficult for you to get a multi meter, you might want to try switch to another power supply, and see if the number back to normal.


Here I am leaving you the customer service email in case you need to get exchange through warranty program:



Wish you a wonderful day~

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I have to agree with Joshua, I'm not affiliated with TT, but the BIOS/Mainboard can be extremely off - if your 5V was 3.3V it likely wouldn't even work properly.

I would recommend a proper PSU tester with a multi-meter if you're not actively having issues. One of the big issues is the vendor of the PS doesn't know what's drawing - so it could be a mainboard issue or a device issue on the 5V, it becomes a lot more of a diagnostics issue.


Steps a person can do are, trick the ATX12V to stay on and then test the leads with a multimeter or use a professional tester. You can test a different power supply on yours or put in another mainboard but both require additional hardware which greatly complicates things.

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