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View 31 TG RGB problems


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Hi! I've purchased a View 31 TG RGB a few days ago, it's an amazing case and all, but I can't get the fans to do the full RGB spectrum at once...all I can get them to do a full RGB thing like in this video


The best I can get them to do, is be a solid colour that slowly fades into another.

How do I get the full rgb thing?

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On 6/6/2017 at 4:33 AM, Kokolin said:

Aah. Right. That makes a lot of difference then...I thought you get the Riing plus fans. That's okay though, still an amazing case :) Thanks regardless.

I would have thought you would get the ones shown in the video for the case.. which is clearly Riing Plus Premium fans, but no they are the standard Ring RGB's.

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