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I have a Pacific PR15-D5 Reservoir/Pump Combo. My setup is running a little bit over a month now. Thing is from time to time there are some air bubbles in the system. No big problem but now my flow indicator isnt spinning because i think the air bubbles gather there and prevent it from spinning. I have the pump running at low speed. Its difficult to change the pump speed for me every time to get the bubbles out.

My solution would be to have the pump running at max speed but regulating it via a 4 pin voltage controller. I didnt find anything on the internet. Maybe you folks here know a better way or can give me a link for a device or something. Best solution would be if the 4 pin controller would be controlled via software.


Thanks in advance



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In regards to flow 2, check to make sure the tube is not tweaked where the insert is hitting the walls, low pump speed can cause this, but only like at 1-2 setting. Normally for CPU cooling I set to at least 3 and go higher when using a GPU. From the looks of the picture, try adjusting the tube to straighten it out a little and see if the floe insert starts moving again. I dont know how it has been working for you in the past, but I do not think bubbles are the issue here.

You should not be seeing bubbles "come back" after a few days or you may be running your coolant to low in the reservoir. (Level above the downstem tube inside), also helps prevent vortexing in the pump which can cause bubbles as well.

I do not suggest to regulate the voltage off the molex, you should not need to adjust your pump speed once it is set for the system.

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