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[Germany] Ali Abbas

Tt Andy

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Hi guys, its time for another little update, most of teh hardware has arrived, as soon as its complete then i will also püost some hardware goodyies photos.

another thing i started on in the mean while was the ROMAN STANDARD or STANDARTE. they were the eagle on a pole figure which were foremost when leading the army into battle. I assume that Crassus also had one, who is the Praetor who eventually brought Spartacus down, so I needed them too.

The paintjob isnt quite finished yet, but the main form is made. i cut up melted to the right shape and painted some plastic eagles. made a perch and they will also have the four letters  SPQR standing for Senatus Populusque Romanus, or in plain english, THE SENATE AND FOLK OF ROME.

now some pics of its evolution.. :-) more to come



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hi guys, so after making the roman standards staffs i wanted to get down to something more spartacussy  or thracian slave galdiatorial again.i decided to work on the ey catcher will will be in the front.

i googled aroung and looked at all the differnet kind of helmets and decided to make my own design. seeing as this mod is like all other mods i make for competitions all 100 handmade i didnt take the 3d printer or papakura or somethiung, i made it myself.

i used a polystyrene ball as the base of the skull shell and went on from there with hot glue, cardboard, foam, and worbla. just looking at the pictures i found in internet.

this helmet is a mix of thracian, the sparatcus series helmets and the most probable designs you would find when googling for galdiator helmets.

i made it so that when painted it looks as if its had afew battles and been beaten around and passed on from each fallen gladiator to the next and having to be patched up every time.

next post of it will be the final pain tshading job etc..DSCN0166.thumb.JPG.22dab622880b1a6dcb0f3046f1d0d66b.JPGDSCN0168.thumb.JPG.8ad2ce0733cc116ee459d8114904b96c.JPGDSCN0169.thumb.JPG.bb1b104de01943297070aa5863f93d6e.JPGDSCN0171.thumb.JPG.f5a626e0bde3206e3d8d3524d3e9a4fe.JPGDSCN0172.thumb.JPG.c8d5e69bc6808f53c23b0cce503e7c20.JPGDSCN0173.thumb.JPG.6037d23857fad0d6859919d4ce55f051.JPGDSCN0175.thumb.JPG.19587e014a5a9271451b175dc62fd395.JPGDSCN0179.thumb.JPG.e560d50e16ba47478ec7b9781ca6597c.JPGDSCN0181.thumb.JPG.5f50a5faf8d2782c46c33a5aba25c430.JPGDSCN0188.thumb.JPG.46bb638ee9863f09c29c3af00ffa8498.JPGDSCN0191.thumb.JPG.c7e9431f53dd9a75819a7e1854917052.JPGDSCN0192.thumb.JPG.12ca29c401be92fd161a9464cfb6c5d1.JPGDSCN0193.thumb.JPG.6c20d5ed5ee4f5ee1f842d41e0099e52.JPGDSCN0194.thumb.JPG.11277598b3cebd936a52ac44eaf5cd9d.JPGDSCN0195.thumb.JPG.494516eae44f3f97c5bbecdbe7fae13c.JPGDSCN0200.thumb.JPG.0715b5c532a5e01751aa577accccaa0f.JPGDSCN0201.thumb.JPG.e29becaaae9e752880afa1d050fd9c87.JPGDSCN0203.thumb.JPG.768ddd15c0bc6545e0edb4e233fbc434.JPG

then it was acetone time, it worked better than i thought it would



more to come...

oh yeah als0o tried out some new golden effects on the lion heads



































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hi guys, here is another little update to the arena shade and i also cut out the front bay where the eye catcher helmet will be.

the shade posts have all been measured and cut to size. they all have supporting wires which you will see what for this evening. i want sagging shade textiles as the look here. the shade poles are all dismountable for transport and slid in vertically at 90°.

i also made the first pullyes by contrapting a mini lathe by clamping in my drill. :-)

the helmets bay is cut out and the placed on the Ludus balcony in the front which will also be worked on today.

more to come.DSCN0319.thumb.JPG.ad431b777ac2d436e38b51df9a58ce7f.JPGDSCN0320.thumb.JPG.bb900a1f7fa00dec615685522d7892cc.JPGDSCN0322.thumb.JPG.800c446d03d3fc76b01faa21fb03e278.JPGDSCN0323.thumb.JPG.35fff1aa673949c2f40e1e32d69bf775.JPGDSCN0325.thumb.JPG.7c61151ed3e2372312054db4282aab0c.JPGDSCN0326.thumb.JPG.1dee16bc9c82487c4eca4ff036a38cc8.JPGDSCN0331.thumb.JPG.032e25255f533607052e0f10ae376588.JPGDSCN0333.thumb.JPG.4af5b2874d5cb59b822f4e541dd60bc6.JPGDSCN0334.thumb.JPG.503e01020574020eb40b328d08224ea0.JPGDSCN0337.thumb.JPG.231612e1a4390bcc09b08c87ea2c76a9.JPGDSCN0339.thumb.JPG.3834cf033bca908b820266b6d1470c86.JPG5a6ae75b2e467_sponsorswatermark.thumb.png.c3c009ebf19bcb998a2d1b9c71e659cb.png

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I will mod it soon. I have more parts now than before. I am still missing a power supply and a RAM but I already have the case that I wanted to Mod. I will give it a try soon with an Egyptian theme :D I will try to check if I can get even just 1% of your masterpieces' greatness ahahaha :D

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hi guys, due to a quite serious incident in the family i have been lagging behind in modding schedules.

sorry for that, i must accelerate now but am still a bit preoccupied, i hope i can get a good lot done and posted in the next few days.


if you mean gears of war, already did that. here are some fotos. :-)

cooled by thermaltake :-)



Bildergebnis für lancer unleashed


Ähnliches Foto


I will get the spartacus pics up by the weekend too.

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