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[Philippines] Jesse Palacio

Tt Andy

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On 15/01/2018 at 10:25 PM, JPModified said:

Hello All,

First of i would like to apologize for coming in a little late with updating the build logs. I have been having a little trouble figuring out what to build in this "battle royale" of a modding championship. 

Then I noticed based on the prediction votes that a lot of eyes are looking at me. lol. This will be a tough battle but i will promise you that i will not be underminded. I too, have things up my sleeve that i do not normally showcase.

I will be regularly updating this build log and will show progress pics. However, the end result is something you will all have to wait and see when the time comes. 

for now.. these pics should be enough to tease you all. =)










Goodluck sa inyo mga bradder

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Hello Everyone!!!

Here it is.. SENTRY.

My aim was to create a competition worthy build by keeping the original design fundamentals of the Core P90. It is after all the case that is to be showcased so I didn't want to hide it. People who either know me personally, or follow my work know that these kinds of builds are not what i do on a regular basis but since this is for competition, I went the extra hundred miles. I have learned plenty of new things with this project like wood work and use of the CnC.

I put a lot of effort in completing this build. Like all my other work, I am proud. No matter how little, or large the project, i always make sure that I put passion as my main ingredient and enjoy the experience.

Special thank you's to Intel, Asus, Plextor, Team Group and Thermaltake for making me part of their competitions for a THIRD time. Win or lose, it is always a pleasure to work with these companies.

And last but not the least, Thank you to Emmanuel a.k.a Silverghost for teaching me basics on electronics, woodwork and use of the CnC. Thank you also to Ldan Cristano for being my assistant. Thank you Team JPModified: Sid and of course to my dearest Fiancee.. my heart, my soul, Gebby for... pretty much everything.

enough talk. ENTER: S E N T R Y











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