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Thermaltake Magnetic Fan Filter - How will you use it?

Guest Thermaltake Admin

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Guest Thermaltake Admin
Thermaltake Matrix Duo – Magnetic Fan Filter
Matrix Duo – Magnetic Fan Filter is the easiest of all computer air filters to use. There is no need for any skills. No screws, no tools, no glue and no hassles. These filters are magnetic and will attach themselves to the metal strip that is supplied. Simply stick and the filter is ready to install!
Fan filter.jpg
Fine Filter for Dust Reduction
Super fine mesh with excellent protection and reduction against dirt and dust; it allows more air through the filter while still stopping the dust. 
Fan filter_with Case side.jpg
Fan filter_with Case top.jpg
Great Reliability with PSU
These filters are designed to prevent dust from entering into the PC system. Ideal for PSU air intake grill, to improve reliability and reduce dust prevention.
Fan filter_with PSU.jpg


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