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SP-650P Loud fan


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I've bought a Smart650W (exact model is SP-650P SMART 650W W/Active PFC) last july. Since last week, the fan is really loud. I think the fan is always running at full rpm even if my computer is in "standby mode" or when i'm in the BIOS. The computer temperature is good (around 34 C) so I'm not sure why the fan is running so fast and causing all the noise. I've tried cleaning the interior of the casing with satic free compressed air but no luck. I'm thinking that maybe a sensor inside the PSU is defective of maybe the fan is just defective.


I live in Canada, so using the RMA will cost me money for the shipping and some customs fees. The total of the shipping costs and customs fees will be around 45$ (estimated by Canada Post). At that price, it's going to be a tough decision to get a refurbished PSU from RMA or just buy a brand new one.


Is there any know issues with this model of PSU? Got any tips on what can I try to fix the problem?




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Apologize for the issues with your PSU, it could be the sensor as you mentioned or just a bearing going out.


I would suggest you check this link and contact our support to process an RMA.


RMA Information


With the RMA service you should not be required to pay customs fees since you already own the product and this is just a warranty replacement, not new product. Thermaltake will cover shipping of the replacement back to you.


The issue could be the fan, sensor or something else, let us worry about it and get yourself a replacement in the meantime.

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