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Thermaltake USA Support - Contact and RMA Info

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Here is some general information for steps on how to contact our support here in the USA and setup an RMA for your Thermaltake product if you feel it maybe defective.


USA Support and Warranty Claims:



USA Technical Support:


M-F 9:00AM~5:30PM (P.S.T)

Thermaltake USA Provides (2) Methods to process your RMA:


Option (1) Select "Advance Service" if you wish to do a "Cross-shipment"

              - Personal Credit Card Required

              - Allows Replacement Product to be shipped first

              - Requires Return of Original Product within 45 Days from Delivery


Option (2) Select "Next" to continue with a Standard RMA

              - Receive RMA number and Shipping Instructions

              - Ship product to Thermaltake USA (Without Accessories)


Please make sure to write your eRMA number clearly on the outside of the package


For any questions on this process please contact us first before shipping in any product for warranty.


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I've just installed the Pacific W4, the problem I have is that the RGB lightning ain't working. Since I've installed the CPU-block it's only displaying a wage blue color. Its currently installed to the motherboard CPU-FAN header on my (ASUS Z170 MAXIMUS VIII FORMULA) I've also tried installing it to the controller that came with the W4 but with out any other outcome.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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You first send me a NON -Refurished brand new unit.  Then I will send you the defective unit.  I will not provide my CC info until then.  Since this is the third defecitve PWS,  I think you should give me the benefit of any doubt as to my claim.

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