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TT RGB Plus software not working after sleep TEMPORARY FIX


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Sideshow Pat- I tried your fix and when i have my LEDs set to TEMP, it would flicker when changing colors.  BTW, I think I just fixed it.  When you say, check the Run TT when windows starts, is the box supposed to be a empty square or a filled out square?  I had it filled in.

When I removed the filled in square and quit the program, I went to sleep and woke up the computer.  When it woke, it would still check to see if program was running, and of course it wasn't.  So it activated the TT RGB Plus.  Now the lights don't flicker.

When I started my computer before when the box blackened out, I used to get the TT Plus window opening.  Now with it unblackened, when I start up, I don't get the TT Plus window opening where I have to close it.  I think your program checks when computer starts up and runs the software if it's not running.  

I think the issue was for some reason, my computer was running the TT Plus two times.  I checked task manager and it only saw one when I had the flickering issue.  Only by unchecking the run at startup, is it working properly now.

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@starstreak: I wish I could help you.  I didn't have any issues at all with flickering.  I have TT RGB plus set to start with Windows (box filled in), and my scheduled task runs a taskkill executable against the TT RGB Plus program.  I didn't set it to run a check at all, just attack the process and if it's there in the way, it dies.  Then the starting of the program happens as a new action, so in your case with TT Plus off, it was trying to kill the task and hitting nothing, then starting the program.

A possible work around to the work around might be to schedule a second task that does the same thing... or maybe there is an issue with it not stopping the existing running task before running itself again?  This part:

"Settings Tab: Change the "If the task is already running, then the following rule applies:" drop-down to "Stop the existing instance".  Then click OK."  So many quotation marks...

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I'm still having this issue in April 2019. Didn't realise this thread existed but I basically did the same thing with a .bat file.

Create a new text file somewhere on your filesystem copying in the code below and give it a .bat extension when saving.

taskkill /F /im "TT RGB Plus.exe"
CD "C:\Program Files (x86)\Tt\TT RGB Plus"
Start "" "TT RGB Plus.exe"
Exit 0

Then go to task scheduler (type it into your start menu), Create Task > Tick run with highest priviledges > Select the Triggers Tab > New > Select 'On an Event' from the drop down menu > Select the Custom radio button > New Event Filter button > Select By Source radio button > In the Event Source drop down find Power-Troubleshooter > Type 1 where it says <All Event ID> > OK all that, go to Actions tab > New > Change Action to 'Start a Program' > Type in the path and filename for the .bat file > Save and test.


It's bad enough that the fans forget their settings whilst the pc reboots / loads from sleep but having them crash when re-entering windows is really poor and so easily fixed. I also don't understand why we can only have 5 profiles? I have two controllers with some fans in pull configuration so a profile setup on 1 doesn't work for the other controller so essentially I've only got 2.5 profiles. I don't get it, the fans forget evreything anyway so why can't we store more profiles on our hard disks?

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On 4/15/2019 at 4:07 PM, Sideshow Pat said:

@bourbonbeast: Yes, I forgot to mention that you want to go to the drop-down just above that ("Log:") and select "System".  I have edited my post.  Sorry about that!

Thanks for the quick reply! Tried this again today and the flickering problems mysteriously vanished and everything re-loads after computer goes to sleep...but now I am getting really random "WARNING CONTROLLER #1 or #2" pop-ups..../sigh   (I have 6 Riing Trio fans, 3 hooked up to each controller)

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@bourbonbeast: I didn't get any pop-ups like that, but I did get warnings when the two ports not plugged in (I have two controllers, one with 5 Riings and the other with 3) were set as fans in TT RGB Plus.  Setting them to the default Lumi Plus was the only way to clear them, because there is no setting for "nothing plugged in."  I also got connectivity issues with the power plugs because the floppy-type plugs really need to be snapped in hard.  That's about all I can think of on that subject.

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  • 2 weeks later...

OK anybody else having issues where the app doesn't launch at startup?  I can turn it off/on to launch at start up (once I manually launch it) but neither settings will allow it to run from a power off.  But with sideshow pats fix, if I out it to sleep and wake it up, it'll launch the app.  Weird.

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Ok, so i think I know partly what was going on.  There's a few things going on.  So I'll list things in steps.  If any of these could be the cause of something, please let me know.

1) It seems there was a new version of the TT RGB Plus.  It's dated 5/10/19. called TT_RGB_Plus_Setup_128_x64.  It doesn't play nice.  I couldn't get it to launch at startup no matter what I did.  Enabling/disabling the start at startup didn't do anything. 

2) I still have Sideshow Pat's Task Scheduler running.  But I had to make a correction so it would find the program since it's now in the Program Files, and not Program Files (x86)

3) When I installed that, it did tell me there was a newer version of the C++ so the installation of that failed.  But the software (TT RGB Plus) still loaded.  Still I couldn't get the software to launch at startup.  But once I'm i windows, if I force RUN Sideshow Pat's task in the Task Scheduler, it would load the software without having the GUI pop-up.  So the runs.

4) I disabled Sideshow Pat's task to see if that was the cause of the program not starting up, but that still didn't help.

5) With all that issue, I uninstalled that version and installed the older v1.2.7.  It installed, but encountered the  same C++ failed to install.  

6) So now the software launches at startup. Brings up the GUI every time my computer starts up from cold boot. 

7) But I get the flickering lights when I use my TEMP settings for the lighting.   I don't know if that will cause an issue in the long run. 

8) When I open task manager, under background processes, I see TWO "TT RGB Plus.exe" running.  If I force quit one, then the flickering stops.

9) So when I checked Task Scheduler there's TWO TT RGB Plus running.  One created by v1.2.7, and the Sideshow Pat's.

10) When I had the 64-bit version of the software installed.  There was no Task Scheduler created by the TT RGB Plus, which probably explains why it was never launching at startup.  With or without me check marking the "launch at startup" on the TT RGB Plus icon in the notification area.

11) I disabled the version scheduled task the software made.  And on cold boot, TT RGB Plus wouldn't launch at startup.  

12) So Pat's scheduler wasn't working from startup?  I mean it should run a killtask if there's a TT RGB Plus running, then launch it's own.  but it doesn't do that from a cold boot.

13) BTW, is Pat's scheduler supposed to say Ready or Running? When it is working correctly?

14)  Now here's how I think I fixed it.   

     A)  I have two triggers.  The one Pat made, another that Triggers "At log on" "at "log on of any user".  Which is the same thing that the software from TT RGB Plus scheduler created.  EXCEPT it theirs, besides the check on Enabled, they have a check on Activate with the date and time I installed the software.  I removed that part from my version. 

    b)  I changed under Actions tab Start a program I edited it to look like ( C:\Windows\System32\taskkill.exe /F /IM "TT RGB Plus.exe" ) everything within the ( ) I left the Start in (optional):  ( C:\Windows\System32\ ) Everything between the ( ).

     c)  And the second Start a program I edited to look like: ( "C:\Program Files (x86)\Tt\TT RGB Plus\TT RGB Plus.exe" ) again, everything between the ( ).

     d)  Under Conditions tab, there is NOTHING checked since this is a desktop.

     e) Under Setting tab, I have the "allow task to be run on demand" and "if the running tasks does not end when requested, force it to stop" checked.  And I changed the "if the task is already running, then the following rule applies" to "Stop the existing instance".


So now when I start windows with both Task schedulers enabled (The one made by TT RGB Plus, and Sideshow Pat) It seems to start up with my computer, and now I only have one version running.  I do not know if it killed one and started another, but I'm guessing that was done?  If I put my computer to sleep and wake it up, I can see the lights are at default (rainbow).  But when I sign into my windows 10, after a few seconds, I can see the light shift back to "temp" effect.

A weird side effect:  When starting up the computer from cold boot,  I do not get the GUI popping up.  AND I do not see the TT RGB Plus icon in my "Notification area".  If I try to manually launch the TT RGB Plus from the start menu , it will launch the GUI, and I get the flickering lights when the temp changes, and I now have TWO TT RGB Plus.exe running in task manager again.  If I put the computer to sleep and wake it up, it'll kill the one of the two TT RGB Plus.exe and I don't get the flickering lights, and once again, it's gone from my notification area.  

Anybody know how I can clean this up as I'm sure a lot of you didn't have to do all of that to get it to work.


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adding more info
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Note to self: do not update the TT app. 

You're right it didn't take all of that to get it to work, and that there is an event for TT RGB Plus on startup that the program itself put in there, not me.  From what I can tell, my task doesn't have anything to do with startup, because the event trigger is a wake from sleep, not initial startup.  Have to blame the update for all of the screwiness on startup. 

There's a program called Revo Uninstaller that goes into the registry to clean everything when you use it to uninstall an app.  Other than a system restore or restoring from a recent backup, I don't know how else to completely purge the damage the update has done.  I'll think on it some more though.

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I'm just trying to figure out how I can clean it up a bit more.  I'm close.  Cold boot is ok, wake from sleep is ok.  Only thing not working is if I click the TT RGB Plus program icon to get to the GUI.  If I do, it'll run two instances of the software.  You would think the software is smart enough not to allow it.  

I know it can't be this, but I powered down my computer and removed power from it for about 24hrs.  Due to some cleaning.   When I powered it back on, this TT software wasn't working right, and I swear my computer took longer too startup since then.  What used to take about 20 seconds, now took 45seconds.  Warm restarts would restart fast.  Also, my clock was wrong, which is weird.  Everything is new including the battery on the MB.  Go figure.  None of that should've been caused by the computer not having power for 24hrs.

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Has anyone figured out if the app will start with Chorma connect enabled? Even if I can miraculously get the scripts to start on waking or restarting, I still have to enable chroma connect every time.  Getting this software to work is like herding cats...

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6 hours ago, staffy said:

Has anyone figured out if the app will start with Chorma connect enabled? Even if I can miraculously get the scripts to start on waking or restarting, I still have to enable chroma connect every time.  Getting this software to work is like herding cats...

I would like to know this too. It's such a pain having to go through and enable it everytime. This software is JANKY as all ####

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On 11/1/2018 at 8:21 PM, tech007 said:

Thank you for this.  I am not sure why this isn't getting more attention. 

I am very disappointed in the product because of the ridiculously poor software/hardware (controller) design.  The posts on this forum (ThermalMike) that users should shut down their computer, change bios/EFI settings, buy different hardware (implied), or develop their own fix is inexcusable.


Probably the same reason there is Frigidaire and sharp ads on the boards..  No one is at home here at all.  It's a community of forgotten children.

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Hi, everyone!

Well, I had issues with my Windows theme not rotating the desktop after waking up from sleep and suspected my TT RGB Plus task, so I disabled it.  That wasn't the answer, but it somehow broke my old fix.  So I installed the new update and decided to just figure it out.

The new update x64 version of TT RGB plus crashes every time my computer goes into standby.  So I was able to remove the Action to start taskkill.exe, and just leave the one to start TT RGB Plus.exe, because it kills itself just fine (Ha).  For the action to start TT RGB Plus.exe, I had to change directories for the .exe to the Program Files one, due to it now being 64-bit.

I don't have a GUI unless I manually start the program, but my lights and fan speeds reset to where I want them to when I start the computer anyway, so it's no big deal.  And I only have one version open at a time, even on startup... I noticed TT added an "At logon" task for the 64-bit version, but also left the "At system startup" option for the old 32-bit version, so I had to point it to the new folder for the 64-bit version.  And my fix doesn't come into play unless waking the computer, so it doesn't open any extra versions.

I hope that helps any one who has updated to v1.28.  And if you know how to use Task Scheduler to get your desktop background to change when waking from sleep... I'm all ears!

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I had another issue, after updating only 1 of my controllers would get detected and randomly after restarting PC or the APP itself. It was the new updated version that screwed everything up and thanks to everyone mentioning it. After reinstalling old version that I luckily had still on my hard drive, everything went fine.

Here is the link if anyone needs it:

dont forget to disable auto update 

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  • 4 months later...

I have a slightly different problem and have found a solution, not sure if this will help.

My problem:

Booting up my pc, everything works fine, but when it booted into windows, the rgb turned off with fan still spinning. I noticed my Asus mobo's Aura rgb got turned off too, figured it might be a conflict with the Asus Aura driver. Firing up the TT rgb software and the fan rgb lights turned on again, but my settings are lost. 

My solution:

Saved my settings in the TT rgb plus software, uninstall the TT rgb plus software to prevent what i assume to be a driver conflict with Asus Aura. Now everything works fine after restarting or cold bootup my pc. Apparently the settings are saved in the controller box and doesn't need the TT rgb software after the initial setup. The downside to this solution is I only get to use one profile, and have to reinstall TT rgb plus if i want to change the settings.


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5 hours ago, Shaun said:

Necroing this post because it's STILL a regular problem and the program still has no fan curve. I won't be touching another Thermaltake product that's for sure.

Agreed.  I am still having to rely on our homemade workaround to restart the program coming out of standby.  And yes the lack of throttling on the fan curve is maddening.  I just run mine at a fixed 50% power because of it, which isn't optimal.  I can't even set my front radiator fans faster because thanks to another stupid error in the Tt program, changing a fan with the same number (1-5) on the first controller changes the same numbered fan on the second controller too.  Over a year later and TT RGB is still garbage.  I will also not be using Tt products in the future.

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