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pump d5 22 plus + power without controller


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5 hours ago, kienast said:

Dear All

I would like to avoid plugging my P5 pump into the controller usb that comes along with it . 

Is there a way to directly plug the resevoir cable into the pc power supply and if yes with which cable ? 





The Pump power is separate from RGB LED header on the top. Pump power is Molex and connects directly to the PSU Molex. 

The 9-pin header off the cable for the top LED goes to the controller. You have no way to connect the reservoir LED cable into the PSU and its not recommended. 

Maybe you have some stuff mixed up, kind of weird question or language barrier, not sure. If you have any more questions let us know.

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Hi Mike 

In fact everything I was able to plug to two different tt synch controller died or was "burn" by the controller . 

I have rma everything except the pump but as it is , the led of the pump is doing exactly like the fans led were doing before , I have a static red color , no answering any command from the controller .


In a nutshell I have the controller sitting at the back of the machine for nothing , except powering up the led of the pump . 


Hence the question , can I remove the controller and if I do so can I power up the led in any other way . 


I hope this is clear enough for you ..




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