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DPS G PC APP " USB connected"

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 I have since this week a power supply Thermaltake iRGBPlus 1250 w  http://fr.thermaltake.com/Alimentation/Toughpower_iRGB_Series_/_/C_00003081/Toughpower_iRGB_PLUS_1250W_Titanium/Design.htm

I plugged all the cables, my computer works very well. 
However, this power supply has an RGB Fan configurable with the TT DPS G PC app application which is downloadable from the manufacturer's website. 

the installation of the application is going well. 
But when I open this application, a message  "Could not set up a connection with power supply. Please make sure your Thougpower DPS is successfully connected to computer via USB.  "

and the application window remains empty with this message in bulk in a window beside I infer that I have to plug the USB plug. 
But I did!! 
I plugged the miniUSB of the power supply to my internal USB 2.0 socket of the motherboard (Rampage VI EXTREME) ? 
This socket on motherboard works because I try with another device (Fan RGB) 


someone have a solution for me, please, thanks

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sorry for causing you trouble, can you try to use another USB line to see if it works for not?

you can find at following for our customer service info, they can help you to change one for you


USA/Canada/South America:




Australia/ New Zealand


International Global Customers:


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this is the answer of Support Europe by mail .

so, how many times ! it's same with app 3.1.1 Vers

" your E-Mail was send directly to our Junkmail folder.

I forewarded your problem to our tech department in Taiwan and waiting for a response now. "


i wait …...


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it is normal, this Publicity  of ROUTEUR TECHNICAL SUPPORT ?

it s a joke !!! what think the MODERATOR of that ?

i waiting OFFICIAL TT answer , not a bad news with my phone money….

Always no news of taiwan or Europe , so i wait, i wait, i wait, again and again …..when you want support TT !

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ok, the support send me an other "cable usb2.0/miniusb"

i receive it , i change my old (but new) cable

i delete and reload the TT DPS G app 

but same message when i open the APP TT DPS, "pls connected your usb"

i am so sad and i want cry...

can you help me more please , Mr moderator ?

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