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Have been using a fully back-lit rubber dome keyboard for the past 8 years and got used to the lighting. I recently damaged the keyboard while cleaning it (connected it to the PC while there was still water in it  :wacko:) and since then I have been testing the Cherry-MX black a bit.

The Tt eSPORTS Certified blue switches from the Poseidon Z have a nice feel but I am personally not a fan of the clicky sound. Maybe I should try reds at some point.

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I stick with Tt eSPORTS certified mechanical brown switches. Got a nice feel, and doesn't disturb office-mates around me as the blues would. 


Lighting is fun, but not necessarily needed - I don't need to look at the keyboard, however some lighting in dark environments is very nice. 

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Tried several over the years, my new love is Tt Certified Brown Switches on the Poseidon Z. 


Brown is not clickly like the Blue switch model so it is really up to the user on what they perfer.


I did a overview video on the Poseidon Z (Blue/Brown) a while back, if you want to hear the difference before you buy, you gotta check this out!


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The Blacks on mine are great, noise doesn't bother me, and illumination is a MUST, but last on the list.


1 - Quality

2 - Features

3 - Switch type

4 - Illumination


I'll probably never go back to membrane.  Now if we can just get all that, with a PS/2 connection instead of a USB.

Agree with your list ;)

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