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What is the most useless part to put in your build?


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Honestly, a CD drive, I only have one in mine now because I had some CD media to install, after that, it's useless.  I'm going to rip it out and keep an external drive for the few times I'll need one.  Might put this in instead when I do a total liquid cooling loop, since I'll have a dual bay available.


Everything is digital, games, music, movies, occaisionally I'll buy a hard to find a music CD, and hook up an external CD drive to rip it, or burn a copy of some downloaded music but that's about it.


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For me it'll likely be a hot-swap drive bay, I will never have enough drives to take up the all the bays in a Core x9 (Which has a crapload of bays that can even fit twice as many SSD's) and I don't need to swap drives at all (Maybe only in the case I'm given a bunch of them to wipe with DBAN) to need them outside of it.


I don't really need multiple OSes either since I see no advantage in Mac or Linux versus Windows as far as gaming goes (rather there are significant disadvantages) outside of maybe lighter footprints, and I don't really need to go back to Windows 7 when I have 8.1 Pro installed.

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