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Em 13/03/2017 às 02:47, pj8847 disse:



Já respondi no post # 140 "Como você disse, 6 máquinas com 10 vitórias em x64 ... todas têm o mesmo problema, mesmo em uma reforma completa e nova instalação."


Acho que só tenho que fazer jogging-lo sem lixo ou entregá-lo para alguém que conheça quem usa ou ganha 7 e vá com uma empresa diferente. Vergonha, gastou um bom dinheiro com isso e foi um bom rato; funciona perfeitamente no win 7, nunca funciona corretamente em nenhuma versão do win 10 e nem parece que nunca funcionará.

hello I'm also having problems with mouse level 10M my windows 10 does not identify it but in windows 7 it works normally already tried everything in windows 10 "computer I use" but it just lights up but still not recognizing I am a client of Brazil if Someone can help I appreciate.

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Hello there guys, how're you?
Greetings from Argentina. I'm a TT Level10M Hybrid user, it works pretty good and it's like 4-5 years old so far.
Failures - Double back when pressing the Back Macro Button on websites or folders.
Everything else is excellent but the Wireless batteries, it's dead. Can't use it Wireless anymore, thought didn't use that function that much, as wired works better for gaming.
For those who can't use this mouse on Win 10 x64, I've never seen that issue before, but I'd recommend to unplug, try it wireless so the software can recognize it, and plug it back again! Also try this when the Software is open. If not working, try to reset Software and Mouse Settings to Default. Hope this works!

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