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My View on Thermaltake Support, Enjoy Reading.


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This post is meant for Thermaltake's "hidden" support team who we can not see (excluding mike who just copy > paste stuff...maybe it's a bot?).


1. Do I regret buying a thermaltake case...nope I love the quality of the cases.

2. Do I regret buying fans from thermaltake...I am definitely not buying any more gadgets whatsoever from thermaltake.

3. Have I sent emails? yes, did I get replies? lol I'll leave that to your imagination ^^.

4. Where do you get support if you have issues? the community which if it wasn't there these forums would be empty.

5. An example of support/mods are in Hawaii the mass amount of weird ads in different languages that are not related to thermaltake by anything...some of them are about fixing fridges and stuff lol.

6. Would I recommend anyone to buy case fans or rads from thermaltake? absolutely not lol unless I hate them ^^.

7. Would I recommend other gadget brands to others? DEFINITELY an "unknown" company with half the quality and 1/3 the price would do better as a lot of them are spot on support wise on amazon + newegg. 

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NOooooooooooo Say it isn't soooooooooo :)   Someone get that man a CIGAR!!!

You are lucky at least you said they replied.  I didn't get anything of the kind after leaving direct phone call messages because they requested I do that since they weren't answering the phone and over 17 emails to support without even a read request hit. 

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Dude his reply was a link to the product website which was not related to my question at all.

Its one of 2 things: 

1. Either thermaltake only cares about selling and doesn't give a rat's ●●● about the after sale service.

2. It's the customer service department issue that they are eating donuts and dont want to be bothered by peasants such as customers.

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