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TT Riing Plus Issues


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Hey all,

Emailed Support but had no response so hoping the community can help. 

Brand new build, bought some Ring Plus 12 in a 5 pack to fill up the case. 
Anyways as per instruction and youtube video set everything up

First thing i noticed was the fans have loaded in multicoloured and not red (as per pic) 
they do spin up and my motherboard UEFI doesnt detect them 

when i load up TT RGB plus i get the H_0x0001 error. 

1) Tried switching the USB 2.0 connectors on my Asus mother board between (USB1213 & USB1114) with no change 
2) powered it up via the molex connector first and then plugged the USB back into the controller,  noticed windows does give me a USB not recognised error.
3) I found RiingPlus.service and it cant detect any fans either. 

Spec wise my machine is i7-8700  on a Asus Tuff H370-pro gaming with 16GB DDR4

Any ideas on what could be wrong? is the controller dead? 







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I would try an uninstall and reinstall of the application. When you do the uninstall, go into C:\Users\<your_login>\AppData and in the folders Local, LocalLow, and Roaming delete out any folders related to the software (most likely in a folder named TT). Then do a reinstall. If that doesn't work I would move to an RMA on the controller.

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