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Strange information from the sensors Toughpower DPS G 750

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I have a strange problem with my power supply (DPS G 750W): every day i have alerts in PC app about min/max values of different channels (5V, 3.3, temperature). For example temterature cat be shown as 136 deg C for 1 to 20 sec, or can be shown as 0. I can have instant peak 220V on 3.3v channel (or 0), also +70v on 5V. Fan speed can be shown as 0, but I see, fan is running.

I sened the detailed question to https://my.thermaltake.com/csTech.aspx more than 3 weeks ago and have no answer.

On most times i have no problem in mobile app (or I just not seen them). 

Also problem with data on the web site: i see only power consumption, no other data.

Mains supply stable from a good UPS.

Can anyone explain the problem? Is a repair required?






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Tienes instalado TTRGBPLUS? Si lo cierras deja de dar errores. Hay una incompatibilidad entre TTRGBPLUS y TT DPS G APP. Cuando cierro uno de los dos deja de dar errores. La fuente de alimentación funciona bien. Lo mas increíble, es que Thermaltake venda buenos productos, pero el software sea basura.

Do you have TTRGBPLUS installed?  If you close it, stop giving errors.  There is an incompatibility between TTRGBPLUS and TT DPS G APP.  When I close one of the two, it stops giving errors.  The power supply works well.  The most incredible thing is that Thermaltake sells good products, but the software is crap.


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