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Welcome to my new project log, The project is called J.A.R.V.I.S reborn, in full.

My name is Rob Deluce (megadeblow), I'm a modder in the UK and just returned after taking part in Computex 2019 with Thermaltake due to me winning 1st place in the concept design stage for Thermaltake CaseMod Invitational Season 1.

This will be a big project and one im looking forward to starting due to my love of Marvel movies and comics.
The design is my take on the style of gantry that Tony Stark uses in the IronMan movies to suit up, with this design the robotic arms will look to be building and installing components,  using this idea will really help put focus on the great components that's going to be used to make this gaming PC and also keep the cases original shape and layout.

I will be working with wood, paints, glass, plastics, 3d printing, airbrushing, wrapping and so on, so basically a bit of everything i have worked with in past builds, aside from clay :)

Will be updating the log as much as I can, my parts should start arriving soon and I will be back as soon as they do, updating you with the specs and progress.

Here's a render video, this is my first attempt at rendering to a high standard and pre planning almost all of the build prior to starting work, I tend to work on the fly normally as with all my past builds so this will be a big change for me.

Main colours will be brass, chrome/silver & black but I still have to decide on the amount of each colour and placement.
As always, the lighting will also be very important as was with my last build, Black Panther.



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As I await the case and other parts due early next week, I will start of with the first package from TT thats arrived, mostly peripherals and makes a change as the're normally the last to arrive :)



Thermaltake LV20 Gaming Keyboard


Draconem RGB Mouse Pad with Touch ID



I also received a couple more bits I will go into detail with when the other parts arrive.


If you have seen my original posts on the competition page you will have already seen the 3D design and print I made to help give myself and you guys a 
better idea of what I want the final build to look like.

For anyone that missed it......






I have decided  to update the 4 robotic arms so they can move, originally I thought it would be too much work but I've had time to reconsider and 
believe it will be helpful, should anything look crappy in the original positions I had on the concept art, it will now be more easy to
change things around.

I'm working in this at the moment and will update you again when the parts arrive as I have to double check sizes and how things look in person.




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Printed 3 sets of arms to test out, they don't look that great just yet because I printed them small and fast, I'm almost at a happy stage with just some small changes to now be made for the final prototype print. 
When that's done I will do a small video.





The gripping arms will come in 3 styles, 4 finger, 3 finger pincers & the final will have some type of tool on the end, still to be decided.


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Before this weeks build update I will start of with some of the component shots.

Thermaltake Toughpower PF1 ARGB will be the beast powering JARVIS.
A nice improvement on the new PSU if the buttons on the back that allow you to control the RGB settings without needing to connect to anything.


For the fans I will be using Riing Trio's, had them in the past and I love them.

The photos shows the Trio (front) and two of the provided fans that come with the case, 140mm and a massive 200mm.










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Before I cut the main wood I did a rough cardboard version to double check the sizes and overall look.







The sizes look about right so time to cut some MDF, first time doing circles with a jigsaw but not as bad as I thought it would be.



Most of the MDF will have solid wood in the parts that will be taking a lot of weight or movement.




The main base for the PC will need a lot of parts strengthened to take all the weight of the case and allow for extra cuts needed for panels around the sides and lighting.





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Had a couple of days downtime due to very bad storms causing some flooding in my workshop 
Back on track now though 

Finished cutting the main parts and adding the supports so time for a quick look at it with the case on so you get a really good idea of the scale.





The sides of the base will be dropped to give the impression that they move down allowing for the big main robotic arms to pop out and glide from front to back on rails.
The rails was not on my original design and I haven't planned how they will look yet, still just a VISION for now 




All the wood will be treated to prevent any damp warping the wood and also help with painting.



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