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Project SunkisTt - Chrome Frame, Candy Paint (Completed)

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Thanks AL!


The holes are dimple die'd, you run the panel through a punch or cut out the hole first, then you put it on a press with another die and press it down to give it the dimple effect.

I have a car buddy that has the machine and it was just a friendly visit to hang out and then do the work.

The Rads have been stripped, sanded and then polished on a wheel to get them where they are in the photos.

I still have some polishing to finish, once I get the remaining parts for final photos.


Been gaming on it in the meantime XD

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I love to paint and the right color is very important to me. To get a good color mixture of the Mayhems Aurora 2 Silver, I was looking to match the candy tangerine just right with a mix of Orange and Red dyes to get a nice colored coolant to complement the candy paint job.


Mayhems helped out for the project with a series of dyes and coolants.













Looks to me like this color will do, we will get it added into the system and I will have final photos with the coolant soon.



A while back I found some vintage “Sunkist” bottles online, so I picked one up and filled/capped it off with some freshly squeezed Mayhems Aurora 2 Tangerine Red.



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For the last touches I wanted to make sure I thanked my sponsors for their support. I had the logos all traced out on my wife’s machine “which I never used before lol” and cut out the logos on some black vinyl to apply to the chassis side window.









Here is how it came out on the window :D



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