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Custom Liquid Cooling Fears and Questions

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Hello all,

I pride myself as a computer enthusiast and designer. I have seen many liquid cooling builds in the past and frankly they look amazing compared to any other form of cooling. I have never used a custom liquid cooling loop myself for fear of not doing it right and potentially damaging a plethora of extremely expensive components. That doesn't however mean that I wouldn't like to do one if I really knew how, but, the only way I'd ever be comfortable trying is if I had quadruple checked every ounce of knowledge I had concerning the build. I know there are starter kits out there that come with all of the needed pieces in one kit, but I still have that lingering fear of something failing or getting a faulty product, or getting a just cheap product. Up to now I've just been using the closed loop liquid coolers, that and I know there are a ton of hidden trade secrets in custom loop building like adding a silver coil to the reservoir, coiling the tubing, adding product to the liquid, and other secrets. I have a few questions I'd like to hear from the custom liquid cooling veterans of the world about. 

Q. When you successfully build a custom loop in your computer, does it require draining and cleaning every few weeks or months, or is it just more of a build once leave forever type of deal? 
Q. In a custom loop is it better to use distilled water or one of the many colored chemicals that exist? 
Q. I live in Sacramento CA, USA. What would be the best means of me learning to build a custom loop full scope for my area? 
Q. If you could give any advice to someone who has never before built a custom loop for liquid cooling, what would it be? 

I know that the response to this and these questions is an answer of many words, but I am eager and hungry as a builder, and dedicated to building to the best of my ability no matter the cost. Custom liquid cooling is the final frontier of computer building that yet escapes me in the many builds I have done so far over the years but it is also the most risky part of a computer build. I appreciate sincerely any time you may take to respond to this post, and promise that I am hearing you and considering the wisdom you may provide, that it is not falling on blind eyes or deaf ears. 



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