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[Xmas Contest] Tt dude and Santa’s Ball-Bustin’ Bajinko Game

Tt Andy

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xmas game.jpg

This holiday season we will be running a Tt dude and Santa game competition on our Community Forums! Play the Tt dude and Santa’s Ball-Bustin’ Bajinko Game and post a screenshot of your score for your chance to win!

There will be 3 winners each week so join the fun and win big!

Please read the rules carefully before starting the game.

Prizes will only go out to forum members, if you are not a member yet, don’t worry, it's free to join!


CLICK HERE TO PLAY: GAME LINK         NOTE: If round 2 is not showing up correctly please clear your cookies




<Rules have changed please read>


Game Rules

Simply qualify to win by posting a screenshot of your end score on this thread and we will be randomly picking a winner!

The competition is global and the winners will be announced each week on Tt community forums, then will be placed in the winners tab.


Prizes Include:

Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate

Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G

TteSports Poseidon Z Illuminated Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

TteSports LADON Gaming Mouse pad

TteSports VENTUS Gaming Mouse

TteSports VERTO Gaming Headset

Tt Dude Package x 3



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It was a bit of a luck-out that I got 40,100. I hope that the future weeks are more in my favor since I'm more for the Verto or Poseidon although I'll be content with a Tt Dude.


Also wished the game allowed you to only have one high score entry per member/ip (Yes I'm looking at you FXfanboy and Damien), but seeing this was essentially a edit of a template game I suppose that can't be helped.

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Hi Guys,


Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on the current situation, 

Last night there was someone that cleared the high-scores which was not from our end.

We are looking into the issue and don't worry your scores are safe.




We will add last nights high scores to the previous list

We are sorry for any confusion


Good luck guys

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Hello Guys i have an announcement


Sorry, but to make it fair for everyone this week we will be changing a few rules....

Only 1 score aloud on the table per user, multiple entry's from a user will be disqualified.


Also as you guys may have noticed, the scores keep getting deleted by an anonymous user (Hacker).

Its people like this that spoils the fun for everyone, from now on we will back up the scores once per day to prevent the loss of scores. If you have a high score please feel free to post it on this thread as a indication and safety procedure, if we missed out anyone's high score we are sorry


Thank you for your support

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Hello Cleverandy,


There was a problem on our end but its fixed now, please try again. 

This map is a lot more fun than the other map with big bonuses so we will be expecting higher scores. 

Since you have posted your score, we will take your score into account when we are picking the winners!

Thanks for playing

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" Only 1 score allowed on the Scoreboard per user, multiple entry's that spam the scoreboard will be disqualified "

It does not have any sense, i have to always put my nick after scoring nice result with is in top 10, For example i have 5th place with 10k point and if i will make 11k and now this score is on the 5th place, results are like 5th 11k ME and 6th 10k ME.

Or did I misunderstood something?

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