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  4. I ended up returning them to were I bought them as it has now been three weeks and I still do not have working units. I got a response that my RAM was approved and that I would get a email with the shipping label that day. That was Thursday of last week and it is now Monday and I still have not received it. To bad. I will not be purchasing there products anymore and my last build I used there case and fans and power supply.
  5. So this is just a trash forum filled spam, just remove it from the internet since mods aren't even able to delete spam
  6. I'm sick of these #### bugs (especially when it keeps popping up to update so I can't ignore it). I made a post about 6 months ago about the software constantly waking up my hard drives as well. The fan speeds/lighting keep also resetting and the software closes half of the time after the system sleeps. My girlfriend wanted these fans in her new build but I convinced her to buy NZXT instead because the software is a joke considering the price of the fans.
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  8. Hello, I purchased a water cooler just over a year ago "Water 3.0 360 ARGB Sync". Been using it fine since then, cools the CPU with no issues, but I never managed to get the lights on the pump to work. I have this setup how the manual states, the cable from the pump goes into the RBG fans, then they plug into jrainbow1 on my MSI motherboard. The fans light up and work with no issues, but I have never seen the RGB lights on the pump. I have messed around with some other setups hoping they would work but nothing. Tried multiple RBG control software's to hopefully turn the lights on if they are off but still nothing. If anyone has seen this before or has any information that would help that would be great. Thanks in advance.
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