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  1. Sync Controller Question

    Hi, Thanks for the question. The PWM cables for each of the 3 sides is just for PWM control of those 3 ports. You do not have to use them, but it is an option if you want to control fan speeds through your MB Bios. If you plan to use other products (not fans) you do not need it. And if you want to mix/match on the 1 side, it should not effect the other non-fan products if you use it. Splicing them can be tricky if you reduce the signal to far, but that will be a mod you will have to do on your own to see what results you get. Just understand the concern on voiding warranty is all
  2. Windows DPS G App and TT RGB Plus Software

    Hello, For the DPS G Software, there is no option to disable it on startup. It has to run at boot to be able to setup the reporting the software offers. If you shut down the software does your HD activity stop? Got any screenshots? What does your task manager show? For Riing plus, you can disable it to start with windows, right click on the icon by the clock. Also, same as before with your polling concern, I have not had this issue on several systems, something else might be going on you would want to look into. I will pass this info to our support team as well, any additional information to show this issue is appreciated.
  3. Floe Riing 240 TT Buzzing Sound Issue

    Hi, I would suggest to contact our support, let them know the issue with the pump noise and let Thermaltake do the replacement. We can assist with testing prior to shipment. It would be awesome to also get your product back so we can review it. https://thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  4. Riing Plus Digital Lighting Controller Issue

    Hi, This is the new cable to support newer MB that have these really painful power reduction features. With this it should solve for the issue. For the software, I sent you a reply to the PM you send me, you have them all on the same profile, so they will always be the same. If you want them different, just change your profiles on the controller, this will also be where you might need to switch some connections to based on how you have it setup.
  5. **ATTN Users with Thermaltake Riser Cables** **UPDATED 5/3/2017** If you are experiencing issues with your Thermaltake Riser Cable product, please help to contact our support for warranty replacement options. Email Contacts: USA/Canada/South America: support@thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com International Global Customers: info@thermaltake.com Subject: Thermaltake Riser Cable Request What we need: 1. Motherboard Make/Model 2. GPU Make/Model 3. Your invoice/receipt 4. Brief description on the issues you are having 5. Your shipping address 6. Your Name 7. Phone Number (For shipping purposes) Once your email has been received, please allow 1-3 business days for processing. Due to region availability, some requests may be delayed.
  6. Riing Plus Sound control low response

    Hi All, Working with our software team on some new features already, adjusting the sound control is on the list. Appreciate the feedback, will have a new version coming out this weekend, but it will not be included that I know of just yet. Either way it will be a free downloaded update version of the software, just give us some time to get it tested. If I get any beta software, I will drop it on here for some feedbacks!
  7. TT RGB Plus failing after wake up

    Great! Let us know how it works for you ^^ This is simple Notepad ++ scripts, glad you have an understanding. Maybe you can make something that will work for you
  8. Riing Plus Sound control low response

    Hi, Sound control is based on System volume for max visibility. For the lightning effects, it is based on the "bass" in the media being played as well. Hope this will give some info to you how it is setup. Let me know any feedback, I want it to be more sensitive, but not too much.
  9. Hi All, We have seen some issues with customer's receiving a message from the DPS G Software for abnormal activity: Example: We have a testing software available now and are asking customers with this issue ONLY to test. (Please note: If you are not having this issue, do not install this software, just use the current one online) Step 1: Download the test software here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gtf6vfl88x0utig/Tt%20DPS%20G%20App_Ver3.0.2_voltCheck.zip?dl=0 Step 2: This software has an option to log the error message when the DPS G App detects something abnormal. Log file path: C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Tt\DPS-G\voltCheck.ini Once installed, if you see this message (Shown Above) after running the software, please copy the file "voltcheck.ini (See above) and paste it in this thread. We appreciate any assistance with this as we narrow down the issue to resolve. Any questions in regards to this type of issue, please drop your questions below as well. If you have any concerns with your Thermaltake product or do not feel comfortable testing this, stop using the product and submit for an RMA to replace under warranty.
  10. DPS G Voltage Issue Testing Software

    Thank you for the information, we are reviewing the data.
  11. Import

    Hello, For our Global store: www.ttpremium.com all duties and taxes are paid up front. When you visit our store and select your items and go through the international checkout, you will see the break down of all the costs before you pay. Everyone is different, so just go check it out for yourself to see if it will work for you.
  12. iRGB PSU messes up the 9 port premium controller.

    Hi, Could you give us a quick video to show the difference you are seeing? I have used both together in a build and they look fine. Also, let me know what the part number is on the MB you are using.
  13. TT RGB Plus failing after wake up

    let us know if you try it and how it works
  14. DPS G Voltage Issue Testing Software

    Hi, Can you please try the software as mentioned above and let me know how it goes?
  15. TT RGB Plus failing after wake up

    Hi, Unfortunately a limitation of the MB USB 2.0 header. Check to see if you can do a different sleep mode that does not disable the 5V. Basically when the system goes to sleep it drops connection to the controller, therefore you have to reboot the software for it to reconnect.
  16. Hi all, We worked on some new videos to help with the questions on the new Riing TT Premium Fans. - Make sure when connecting up your controller to the system your system is off. - Check all the connections to make sure they are secured and installed correctly. - On boot up the fans should light up red (Default) - After software installed, please do a shut down to sync controller (Only when software is not responsive) - On Cold boot, wait for icon to show up (Down by clock) before launching software - Needs time to initialize - If no icon shows up by clock, there is a communication issue, try this to resolve: - Make sure power is dedicated and properly connected (Pins can be pushed out during plug in) - Run Icon application in installation folder to force icon by clock - Do not run program as administrator - Only install software into default folder - Try another USB header (Make sure you plug into correct port, wrong port can cause damage to controller on power on) - Check device manager for any flags that could be related to the issue Setup: Software:
  17. Riing Plus Digital Lighting Controller Issue

    Try stepping back a little and go with 1 controller at a time and see if one of them is the culprit. The color changes with all of the controller if all controller are all on the same profile. - If you want them to be different, assign the controller to different profiles and just set what you want for each. Make sure all the DIP switches are set correctly, it really does not matter which one you assign as long as they are all on different ones. How do you have the controllers connected? 3? Using the daisy chain cable? make sure #1 is on the USB header and then daisy chain the rest.
  18. iRGB PSU messes up the 9 port premium controller.

    Hi, As long as your MB is on the support list which needs the +5v RGB LED header. If it is +12V header it does not support addressable. Glad you have it working, sorry for any issues, the PSU has protections built in like most in the market, if something was going on with the PSU it would have triggered it and shut off.
  19. iRGB PSU messes up the 9 port premium controller.

    Hello, The iRGB Plus Power Supplies are not supported with the TT SYNC controller as stated on our website. I see where you are, contact our support for options: https://thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com/hc/en-us If you have any information that states any PSU is compatible with the TT SYNC controller, please share it and we will take care of any misinformation for the inconvenience.
  20. There is no light

    Hello, Please contact our support so we can go into detail on the case. https://thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  21. Hi, Give our support a call, we should have some singles we can quote for you. https://thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com/hc/en-us We normally sell them on our www.ttpremium.com site as well, but it looks like we are out of stock. I will check with sales to see if they can add some back. Similar to the 12 single we sell which is FAN ONLY - http://ttpremium.com/product/riing-plus-12-rgb-radiator-fan-single-fan/ ATM we do not sell the LED strips separately, I am working with our teams to see about an option for this as I would like it as well to support.
  22. Thermaltake Floe Riing 360 TT edition HELP

    Hi, Apologize for the issues with the software, if you could help us to help you explain what is wrong maybe a setting change is all you need. For AIO coolers, the pump speed is fixed, this AIO is from ASTEK just like most of them in the market and they are all the same. You should not have to adjust the pump speed, it should be fine the way it is I have seen great results and it is one of the top performing coolers in the market based on reviews. 10-15% usage? Sounds like something is going on there, could you provide a screenshot to show all your top processes? Will try to give some adjust here, or you can contact our support directly: (Maybe something is going on with the product and you may need a replacement) https://thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  23. Need Help

    Nice! Yea if your PSU has the 4 pin floppy power they usually leave on the end of the run or as an adapter that will work just fine too. Also to mention, we have lots of spare parts, if you ever loose anything or something breaks even after warranty, contact us we can quote or working something out under warranty to assist. https://thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  24. TT sync controller with aura sync

    Hi, The PWM and LED signals are different, they go through 2 separate channels, so I do not think that is causing it. You are working more with ASUS on this type as the controller we provide is basically a hub. Check for updates from ASUS, I have been working with them on this since we started it.
  25. Need Help

    Hi, Both controllers need power, so yes they both need the molex connection to function. You can also either use the splitter USB cable for each controller or just run 1 cable from MB and use the daisy chain (Short cable) included to link the 2 boxes together. Dont forget to set the dip switch on controller #2 and any free port will pop up a warning until you plug something in or disable it.