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  1. Hi all, We worked on some new videos to help with the questions on the new Riing TT Premium Fans. - Make sure when connecting up your controller to the system your system is off. - Check all the connections to make sure they are secured and installed correctly. - On boot up the fans should light up red (Default) - After software installed, please do a shut down to sync controller (Only when software is not responsive) - On Cold boot, wait for icon to show up (Down by clock) before launching software - Needs time to initialize - If no icon shows up by clock, there is a communication issue, try this to resolve: - Make sure power is dedicated and properly connected (Pins can be pushed out during plug in) - Run Icon application in installation folder to force icon by clock - Do not run program as administrator - Only install software into default folder - Try another USB header (Make sure you plug into correct port, wrong port can cause damage to controller on power on) - Check device manager for any flags that could be related to the issue Setup: Software:
  2. View 71 + 280TT + HDD cage

    I dont have a date to provide yet for the View 91 unfortunately, best guess will be after the new year and depending on which region will pick it up. I would mount the rad as well on the Side, its the only way man! Looks Amazing too!
  3. View 71 + 280TT + HDD cage

    Hi, Good question, as for using a 280mm AIO, you will likely loose both HDD cages because the radiator cannot be pushed that far up and the bottom HDD cage is not slammed on the floor of the case either. You could get away with some modding, but that is up to you. Honestly if you need that much storage (Including all the placement in the back) I would just mount it on the top and call it a day. You can also wait for the View 91, which is much bigger and it should hold just about anything you could put in there.. Coming soon!
  4. Distilled Deionized Reagent Water

    Hey, Going dual loop for your first time, go BIG or go home man! That is what I would do, one loop for the CPU and the rest on the other. It will also help your pump with it going through the parts to splitting it up. Try to not use a lot of fittings, more bends will make life a lot easier. We have some Live Streams in the works for watercooling, so if you see it jump in and say hi
  5. Riing TT Premium Edition RGB LED Fans - How to Videos

    The Fans include a link cable that connects to the controllers. it has a wide 4 pin on one side and the Micro USB on the other. This is how you connect up to 16 controllers Check the videos we posted.
  6. Phanteks Halos Lux Fan Frame

    Hi, Thanks for the post, unfortunately only Thermaltake products will work with our Thermaltake fan controllers. Please do not try it as any difference could result in damaging the products.
  7. **ATTN Users with Thermaltake Riser Cables**

    Hi, If the cable you have has the white clip, then I would suggest to get it swapped under our free service we are offering globally. Check OP for details.
  8. **ATTN Users with Thermaltake Riser Cables** **UPDATED 5/3/2017** If you are experiencing issues with your Thermaltake Riser Cable product, please help to contact our support for warranty replacement options. Email Contacts: USA/Canada/South America: support@thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com International Global Customers: info@thermaltake.com Subject: Thermaltake Riser Cable Request What we need: 1. Motherboard Make/Model 2. GPU Make/Model 3. Your invoice/receipt 4. Brief description on the issues you are having 5. Your shipping address 6. Your Name 7. Phone Number (For shipping purposes) Once your email has been received, please allow 1-3 business days for processing. Due to region availability, some requests may be delayed.
  9. Floe Riing RGB 360 pump whine

    Hi, Thank you for the video, from the video that you provided, it sounds normal. That is the pump noise, it does not sound like it is defective to me. Maybe different if I was there, no sure. If you are concerned about it, just swap it with place of purchase or warranty it with us.
  10. Hi, Not design issue, you probably just got a defective one. Glad you have a replacement in the works, let us know how it works out. Controller inside should work no problem.
  11. Floe Riing RGB 360 pump whine

    Hi, Try pick up your case and shift it around a little, that sound is likely a bubble and if you can allow the coolant to move around it should clear up. Check your temps most of all to make sure the pump is working properly. Tap on the pump with your finger a few times see if it helps. If it continues, warranty would be better done sooner than later imo so you can get it swapped out, this is not normal.
  12. Hello, You need to get a new controller, contact our support for warranty, if you go back to place of purchase, they will not have a solution. It is not related to software issues. http://www.thermaltake.com/corporate.aspx?t=4
  13. **ATTN Users with Thermaltake Riser Cables**

    You should be fine as long as you include proof of purchase, if you need, just email them again with the info. Please see the OP for details. Hope you get the replacement soon.
  14. Riing Plus Software

    Hi, We are working to switch to .zip for the next revision. I completely agree, thanks for the feedback!
  15. Riing Plus fan looks slow

    Hi, Check the connections on the fan to the controller. Swap the cable to another port, see if issue continue or stops. (Does the same fan do it no matter which port you know?) Also, maybe before you warranty it, swap the fan with another in the chassis and see if the "visual change" you are seeing follows or stays. If it concerns you, then contact us or your place of purchase to swap it out under warranty or what the retailer offers depending on your region and policy's. http://www.thermaltake.com/corporate.aspx?t=4
  16. Riing Plus RGB Software is causing HDD clicking

    Hi, Can you help provide us with you full system specs? As mentioned as well in the Corsair Thread, are you experiencing the same issue with HW Monitor or other applications? On the Toshiba drive, do you have applications that are running when this is occurring? Any background apps? If you turn these apps off, does the clicking continue? Thanks for the info in advance as we try to recreate this issue to find a solution.
  17. DPS G App 3.0 won't Log In

    Please keep the info private to mention You can message tony directly with your info here on the forums. Please do not post any sensitive info publicly
  18. Flickering LED's on Riing Premium Plus fans!

    Hi, Check the wires and see if anything is "pinched" maybe? If the one fan (Middle) does not do this in any ports, then I would say something is up with the 2 other fans, not the controller. Make sure the wires are not bring pulled, especially right off the fan frame area and the wires are not twisted. All looks good, suggest to swap the fans, contact our support for RMA or work with your place of purchase. http://www.thermaltake.com/corporate.aspx?t=4
  19. About spare parts

    Hello, Sorry to hear about the issue with your Bigwater, this is an older product, but you can always contact our support and see what options you have available. http://www.thermaltake.com/corporate.aspx?t=4 Sometimes we have spare parts to offer or quote, but you would have to contact us to check.
  20. **ATTN Users with Thermaltake Riser Cables**

    Just to follow up here on this topic, we have had great success with the replacement cable to support everyone with this free of charge service. We are still working with users globally, some regions are a little slower, but we are getting there. If anyone is still having issues, or have contacted please keep this in mind: 1. Email us or contact our support, dont wait once you confirm the issue: http://www.thermaltake.com/corporate.aspx?t=4 2. Always suggest to air test your components before putting them under water 3. If you emailed us and did not hear back, email us again, something may have happened on the original one and we do not know you need assistance. I want everyone to know Thermaltake is here for our customers. Thank you for your patience
  21. Dreamscope Your PC!

    Hey everyone, Working on my new system and ran across this app. https://dreamscopeapp.com Thought it would be cool to see everyone's system dreamscoped! Here's Mine: Here is mine with the new coolant that I just received
  22. Distilled Deionized Reagent Water

    Hi, Thanks for the info, let us know how it works out for you. I spoke with my dentist about this a while back, haha (Because they use distilled water) on which brand was the best. They said most are all the same, but they said Sparkletts was their preferred choice just to mention. I have been using Sparkletts for a while now without any issues
  23. Riing 12 RGB TT Premium Edition Issue

    Hi, Sorry to hear about the controller issue, that is not common, I also suggest when connecting anything into the system to always have the power off for safety. Please stop using the product do to the issue and contact us to swap out the controller under warranty. If you are concerned about the fans, discuss this with our support as well, here is the contact info: https://thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  24. Floe Riing 360 AIO cooler. Leak out of the box?

    Another thing just to mention, we are checking the stock here to since you brought it up to see if we find any issues. I have personally build a few demo systems now with this and have not had that issue. Going back to say our older Water 3.0 products, we see this when the tube is stretch/twisted to much causing this kind of leak. I would also suggest if you are seeing "More leaking" stop using it ASAP. Not worth it causing any damage to other components. Amazon should be one of the fastest ways to get it replaced. Keep us posted on this. We can always RMA it for you and test the replacement if needed.
  25. Floe Riing 360 AIO cooler. Leak out of the box?

    Hi, The product offers a 3 year warranty. Yes it is sealed at the factory and should be sealed. Did you pull on the tubes when doing the installation? Take care on the next one just to be sure.