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Tt Andy

[USA] Ron Lee Christianson

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I got started working on the case feet, I'm using a wet clay then gonna make a silicone mold and resin cast them

The feet will be raptor/dragon feet that Ill tie into the steam punk over all feel with other medieval and neo-victorian elements..




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Here Im starting the clay sculpt of the Death clock thats gonna have a working gear driven time piece.Im thinking of adding a small steam generator to the valves on the death clocks head.These sculpt are very raw and very little final details have been added in



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Today I got started working on the side panel door,and paint the chassis body,after tear down and sanding I applied my base coats and a old world copper finish the airbrushed in some weathering. For the case door. I want to make it look like Port hole or steam hatch.

The material Ill be using in this process is 00.80 ABS and polystyrene.




In my next update Ill do some work on the reservoir bodies, I want to make them look like fuel cells, should be fun, Stay tuned In!!

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