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Thanks!!, just a very quick pick to show you what I have done today! you can start seeing what I am going to be doing with the second case!




Apologies for the lack of quality, It was taken on my mobile, my camera is packed away ready for a trip to NL to see Peter Brands, Hukkel, Keir DBR and a few others! It's going to be a modders party it seems! (If everyone can make it!!)

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Looking great Dave still rooting for you to win, hope you have a great time in NL and buy Peter a pint for me plz, Peter and Frank helped me when I did my first custom loop :P 

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 Well, I am still alive and this build is something I am still working on, I am just struggling with time and the amount of work I have left to do as well as other things (I am in Madrid tomorrow for instance!!)


Today I spent a lot of time on the build, mainly doing cables! Here are the cables I made.


A massive thanks to E22.biz for sending me the supplies for this, you are awesome! The orange sleeve is brand new stock for them and obviously will be my favorite!


So, First I grabbed all my sleeving supplies, a lot of stuff is currently on loan to people, so i'm using my spare gear!




This is the brand new orange sleeving from e22.biz. It is actually a really nice orange!




I always cut all my cables first to lengths. For this build I needed to make extensions as the original cables for the PSU are probably a little short for a double sized case!




Next, its crimping each cable. All 104 crimps.. urgh.




Then sleeving time and putting them into the connectors.




Once I finished they looked like this!


24 Pin cable:




8 Pin GPU cables: 




4 + 8 pin EPS cable:




I love the finish and contrast of the white and orange in these cables, they work really well and the natural curve that I have given them should make them look clean and tidy!




Once again a huge thank you to E22.




Now something different from me. This build was meant to be finished over a week ago. As I have mentioned numerous times though, I had a bit of an accident with my hand that set me back and it means I will most probably still be working on this build when the winner of the competition is announced. It is a shame as I was really excited to show what the UK modding scene could do. I am going to finish this build though regardless of the competition. I would like to apologise to Thermaltake for not completing the build before the deadline.


To my followers, if you want to vote for me please click Here strangely I am not last, which does lift my spirits a little! The other guys in the competition really have done an excellent job, and even though I have made myself look a lot worse by not finishing, I am glad those guys have done so well! 



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