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    [USA] Calen Saddler
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    Got the replacement today. Works out of the box, that's what I like to see. Thanks TT.
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    All sick looking builds. Well done everyone. Had to go with Calen
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    I vote for a true modder Rob De Luce no farmed out parts fabricated by others (wheres the skill in that?) some of the builds do not even look like they contain any of the case supplied.
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    Shame you can only vote once.. I would vote for Calen Saddler, Ahmad Syafiq Hamman & Pakawat Chaiboonma if I could :)
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    Calen Saddler ALL THE WAY!
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    [India] Pramod Hambir

    Loved this one. So much work you have done to made this look so awesome. Congrats.
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    [India] Pramod Hambir

    Nice work.
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    [UK] Rob De Luce

    Great work Rob! I like it a lot. The light effects are great as well.
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    Been following Calen Saddler's build for a while. The details on the build are crazy nice.
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    [India] Pramod Hambir

    Great build .. wonder what camera u using .. so nice !
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