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    xCiNx reacted to polvorin15764 in **ATTN Users with Thermaltake Riser Cables**   
    My second raiser works since day one... and I disconnected it a few times due to other installations, but it always worked again after installing... lets wait for that new premium raiser cable what Thermaltake will sell... how much it will cost and so on... my build is so far finished, I am planning on letting a company make a real glass panel to replace this acryl one, I can let it make even tempered a bit...
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    xCiNx reacted to AGross in **ATTN Users with Thermaltake Riser Cables**   
    ḥello there,
    six weeks ago i had to build a new computer because my old one died So i decided to build up a complete new system which should also look great. Thats why I decided to buy the View 27 from TT because i liked the vertical mounting. After 2 weeks i received all the parts and was happy to finally start with the assembly. Then i got the same problem as you guys with the riser. I can only run the computer with PCI-E 1.0 ( Asus STRIX Gaming Bios setting ) but still got bluescreens sometimes at bootup. After I found this thread right here, i decided to contact TT to get a replacement. Yesterday it finally arrived and i will try it today. I will keep you guys posted!
    1) Update: Looks like it is working now, but i didn't set PCI-Express to "AUTO" in bios, instead i set it to "GEN3"! If it is working more than 3 days i will update the post and keep you posted
    2) Update: It is working 2 days now. But I still have Bluescreen with "machine exception error" on every boot after normal shutdown. I will try to reinstall windows next weekend to see if it is a software issue with windows 10!
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