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  1. Dont think it really makes any difference. Also higher benchmark scores using raiser vs directly in the slot is highly impossible, just saying.
  2. My second raiser works since day one... and I disconnected it a few times due to other installations, but it always worked again after installing... lets wait for that new premium raiser cable what Thermaltake will sell... how much it will cost and so on... my build is so far finished, I am planning on letting a company make a real glass panel to replace this acryl one, I can let it make even tempered a bit...
  3. I wondered if there will be the exact same upgrade kit like for the p5 with three windows... for now the upgrade kit for the p3 consist only of one panel. And one panel alone I can let make by any company working with class and that for less money... but the upgrade kit with 3 panels on the other end not...
  4. From what Ive read on other places as well the premium raiser will NOT be coming included with ANY cases now or in the future. It would just cost much more apparently. Lets wait for the prices of this raisers... my replacement I got was a different one from the original coming with my p3 case. But those premium which are coming seem to be even better, I might get one in order to be sure I am not loosing performance over the time without noticing it maybe and believing it is my hardware... still a poor move of Thermaltake to come now with that premium raiser after selling defect ones with a over 100 dollar case. That was really poor and unprofessional. Still I got my replacement within a week of reporting that mine is not working correctly so I was satisfied but it was due to my seller who contacted Thermaltake. Anyhow lets wait for the premium raiser prices.
  5. #### thermaltake now will sell raiser premium cables in different lengths. So prepare yourself for buying a premium cable those which did not get a replacement or have defective one... check the news of ces17 what they will have new... https://youtu.be/vbA3brdXc1k
  6. So the new raiser cable I got yesterday 1 week after I bought the case, works perfect. I noticed it is not the same raiser, it is other model, interesting. I can send pics if anyone is interested. Fact is now I have no fps loss or performance issues. Happy the replacement came so quickly and on top it works fine now, I hope it stays like this. I will try to move and bend it as less as possible to avoid any damage of course.
  7. Today exactly 7 days after I bought the case I got an email from the seller, he said he has the new raiser for me, tomorrow I will get it delivered to my door at home. So lets see... my third party raiser cable will come on Wednesday...
  8. Well, take the advices you want, at the end of the day... the problem is yours. You can talk all you want about what you know, a true pc lover/expert dont let someone else put your rig together, you can say all your want, be salty as you wish but still... and dont try telling me you know much more than me, I develope software for over 10 years and build rigs many times for other people, so I guess I know one thing or two and I recognize when someone is doing nonsense like you... your pc is ####, from whatever point you may be looking at it, and if the raiser is the issue which is very possible, then you let it be changed or get another one from another company and problem is solved. No need to go on more rants here crying about how many times you had to restart or reinstall windows cause guess what, no one cares. Raiser is #### and does not work well, so take it out and ask for new one... before doing useless stuff.
  9. Well, the guy of the shop said he will get me one as soon as possible + just in case I ordered a third party one myself so lets see... its sad thermaltake screwed this up like this but well... there is no other case like this, for everything else it is awesome...
  10. A raiser cable can NEVER cause anything which would make you have to reinstall windows in the first place... second I had this black death screen error few months ago after new drivers of Nvidia... at the end it was all windows related issues... and hardware changes made which affected the Windows in some way... I had just to take out the gpu, delete existing drivers, start windows without gpu and drivers, than reinstill all again, that was it... at least for me, I never dared to reinstall the whole windows... I had or have troubles with the raiser cable right now but reinstalling windows cause of it... no. You got specific hardware so #### knows how it works together with a raiser cable... and windows 7 still... well, if you are not able to find solution yourself just bring it to a shop where they installed you all in the first place instead of reinstalling windows few times xD, cause judging by the fact that you let somebody to put your system together means that you have not much knowledge about this stuff in general. Sure that your problem at the end is nothing... only problem is the raiser cable... or it does not work, causes crashing, not correct booting, or just poor performance in general. Hope you find your way to make it work.
  11. Seriously? To keep ssds and hdd cool? I think it is much of a nonsense but for estetical reasons ok, but still I find it funny... there was one youtube reviewer who builded a p3 with coolers in front of the ssds and he was killed in the comments... the advantage of the whole "open case" thing is you do not need more fans than needed. All it does is give you more noise... but everyone as he desires. I got only fans turning for cpu and the gpu ones... nothing else.
  12. Hi, I just changed yesterday my strix for the Asus dual... the strix was too long and looked #### going over the rail and covering the right side what possible could be water cooling or whatever... now it looks perfect and I am good to go for the rest I am going to install... this is only first setup but I ordered several things already...
  13. Hi everyone, I signed up here to give my grant of salt to this great topic. I bought the core p3 and got it delivered yesterday, as afraid the raiser cable is complete desaster, being aware of the issue I took utmost care, the cable was straight in the bag so not folded. However from the moment I installed it my fps either did not pass 20 or I was getting crashes, restart required multiple times... I immediately contacted the seller in my country (CZ), he was so nice to take care of this, he said he will contact Thermaltake and get a new cable, I keep the option to buy a thirdparty cable for 12€ as a last option, here they have one which comes with a molex connector at the raiser attached to give more power to the extension... someone with experience about such raiser extension? Final words, I am very dissapointed that such company spares money on a crucial piece of hardware in this 2 cases (p5 and p3). I bought it for one of the main reasons to have the gpu used with the raiser and displayed respectfully. Now I have the case installed and all ready, but I cannot game which is depressive at this point. After moving and bending around while running Heaven benchmark I somehow found a sweet spot where the fps keep high, but still 15fps far from what is my maximum performance when I have my gpu connected in the traditional way. I hope the second cable works flawless, so I can keep my build as it is. What a shame would it be to have the gpu normally connected having this case... this failure in production is similar to the EVGA missing thermal pads in all 1070s and 1080s, which made me buy an ASUS instead... luckily Thermaltake did not hide it and gives great support for this issue, so does EVGA in their problems, but still, this could have been avoided... why not is the question... somebody in quality testing failed miserable doing his job, so now people around the globe got broken raiser cables which perform poorly or not at all. Below I leave you my current build, a lot missing still. I am waiting for HUE+ from NZXT, 4TB WD HDD and considering a 1x140mm Water cooling system.
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