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  1. Jesse Palacio (JPModified) all the way!
  2. Hello ThermalMike, followed the steps you said and the problem was fixed, found out the problem was the power cable was not fully pushed Thanks
  3. Hello, Im having the same problem Do Not Find Fan Controller , Please check the fan controller is connected (ERROR Code:H_0x0001) got my TT Riing Plus Premium Edition (Triple Pack) in USA when my mom went on a vacation, waited for 6 months for this upgrade. Just last week my mom arrived, i mounted all the fans and installed the software. at first theres no problem but after 2 days i started getting this ERROR Code:H_0x0001 im running on i5 7600 on Asus ROG Strix B250F board. please help im from philippines and i think its difficult for RMA outside country
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