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  1. I have almost the same setup as yours and have the same problem as yours. The only difference with my build and yours is I got 32gb g.skill 2400 rams and asus rog gtx 1080. So have almost identical software with the exact same issue with the software. Guess I'm not alone after all. Try leave the software on and play a game. Your pc will crash. Like shutdown crash. I download and uninstall atleast 50 times for the past 5-6 days. And I also tried the way you try. Coz we are took the same suggestions from the same forum lol What a stupid control software.
  2. I tried it. But the software won't open. So weird.
  3. And I tried removing the case and the glue. The software still faulty.
  4. Mine is more to software related problem. I can't even open the software. I'm using windows 10.
  5. my software doesnt turn on at all. can you share with me the link where did you download the software?
  6. but the software from TT website cannot run at all for me. i tried removing the case and removing most of the glue. now its really weird for my case. the software in my PC when i launced it doesn't open. but the software is processing when i open task manager and check. and when i open teh ring push software on my phone it can detect the hardware and software. but nothing can be control. and when i end task from my pc the phone cannot detect the software anymore. but when i turn the software back on again it is running in task manager but the problem is still the same. no window pop up. so it is only running in the back ground and my phone can detect it. I dont understand why the software cannot open at all? but my iphone can detect it. its really hard to put it in words. this is the shittiest fan fullstop. i dont think sending me a new control can solve my software problem. or the software is not compatible with Ryzen or my Asus ROG Crosshair vi AM4 motherboard or not compatible with windows 10?
  7. My riing plus software either causes my whole system to crash or it can't detect any fan. I don't even dare to re-download the software now. So scary. Either they help me solve the problem or I will return the fans. I should have buy nzxt instead of this piece of crap.
  8. I tried install and reinstall for like 20 times the software cannot recognize the fans and causes my system to crash. Can I return it and have my money back? I trusted your brand coz i am using your psu and your case. But your fans are fail. So fail. I even download the mobile software and it also fail. I really don't know what to say. I spend 2 days checking my system and everything and realize it's the fans. The fans and the leds are working but I cannot control the speed and the lighting. Might be a faulty control unit or something.
  9. Yes, mine crashed too. Stupid software I have tried installing it for like 20 times I give up.
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