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  1. Hi ANON2019 1. Please find and open the hidden folder in path C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Tt\RGBRiingPlus 2. Delete this folder. 3. Reopen the TT RGB PLUS
  2. Dear Sir/Madam Please remove the program version 1.4.2009 and the "TT_PREMIUM_X1 " folder under this path C:\Users\t757\AppData\Roaming\Tt Then reinstall the V1.4.2. Here is download page https://www.thermaltakeusa.com/downloads Most of problem probably can be solve.
  3. Hi All We already have fixed this issue for AMD CPU. New version download link : https://ttrgbplus.thermaltake.com/ Download TT RGB PLUS Software
  4. Hi serene_langley We have already asked the relevant customer service to contact you and will help you solve the product problem. Thanks for your report.
  5. Hi Blast77 TT RGB Plus reads the system temperature include CPU, GPU, memories and HDD. This is a necessary function.
  6. Hi all We will update the software in Nov 15. Now we are testing.
  7. Hi We already know what the reason is, please be patient and wait for the next update version in November. Thank you.
  8. 1. How i can tell the Software to start with windows MINIMIZED ? its annoying to minimze it manually all the time when ´╗┐windows start Cancel "Run TT RGB Plus Program when Windows starts.
  9. Hi ring0r Riing Trio Controller and Lumi controller were different. Don't use Lumi stripe into trio controller.
  10. Hi Deniska All of Thermaltake RGB products (include iRGB Plus PSU and cooler product) was connected via USB. TT RGB Plus software supports RGB cooler products. Cooler products have a control box attached to the motherboard. TT DPS G App supports PSU products. User just needs to insert the RGB products(cortrol box) into the motherboard USB 9 pins.
  11. Hi horszaga Thank you for you report. Could you provide "saveFunction.ini" file for us to understand the problem? Here is the file path. C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Tt\DPS-G We need you help us following these steps to understand issue. Unzip this file PC_info.zip. This is execution file. Put on the PC_info.exe into this folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Tt\Tt DPS G App) Execute the program PC_info.exe and send us the program screen shot. So you have to send us 1 file(saveFunction.ini) and 1 screen shot.
  12. Hi Gibinel Could you provide more detailed operational procedures that let us know at which step has a problem.
  13. HI Mindanser and Gibinel Is it possible to provide email to inquire questions? Thank you
  14. Hi ShaBD Sorry. Our new app 3.0 did not support windows 8. Because we found some conflict that based on technical issue in win 8. Therefore, we sincerely recommend that you upgrade OS to windows 10.
  15. Hi tsnow479 Could you tell me your phone model? Apple phone or Android phone. Speed mode is just only supported in Toughpower iRGB Power.
  16. Hi CrazoniX Riing Plus PWM function is based on system temperature not only by CPU temperature. So you can check another device just like VGA temperature. Is it possible to provide "Info" data in the 1.14 version software lower left corner? Reinstall the new one. We can try to read the data and analyze why have 27 degree offset.
  17. Hi Smellyfinger We check the email philtucker68@gmail.com. It did not bind any PSU. I suggest you reset the password and reinstall the PC app to bind it.
  18. Hi TasWho We check this account TasWhoGaming@gmail.com It didn't bind for any power supply. So we suggested you can reset the password and reinstall the PC App to bind psu.
  19. Hi TasWho Thank you for your report. You should try to remove the TT folder and reinstall the PC app 3.0 C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Tt That is hidden folder path. show hidden folders Remove Tt folder
  20. Hi Here is the new version DPS G PC App 3.0 : http://www.thermaltake.com/dpsappdownload.aspx?type=dpsgapp&lang=global Thank your for your feedback.
  21. Here is version PC App 3.0 download link : http://www.thermaltake.com/dpsappdownload.aspx?type=dpsgapp&lang=global
  22. Hi TasWho Thank you for your report. Could you tell us what type PSU you purchase. You may try to use the new version PC app 3.0. If you still can not log in. Please send me your email in forum message. I will help you check your account issue.
  23. Hi TasWho Using "Try Now" we will send a demo account "demo@thermaltake.com". That's used to login and experience the SPM web. It can not login in DPS G PC App (PC Client). If you purchase Thermaltake Digital Power Supply. Downloading the DPS G PC App and sign up. If you forgot your password. Visit link: https://dps.thermaltake.com/en/feed/feedlist/ select "forgot" and enter your email to reset the password.
  24. Hi SXRguyinMA Could you tell me what was your purchase PSU type, SN and your SPM account email by forum message? Our customer service will help you to solve this issue.
  25. Hi Mircen91 Thank you for your report. Could you provide your email? Our customer service will contact you to change the new controller recently. Thank you.
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