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  1. Just updated from version 1.1.7 to 1.2. WOW! I am thoroughly impressed with the changes. I am excited for faster speeds across the board. I also love all the new effects. I appreciate the work you guys are putting in. Now I'm just wondering how nice those Riing Trios would look
  2. Check to see if your antivirus has deleted it. I had to fight tooth and nail with my antivirus to get this software working. It would detect the executable as malicious and delete it. So I had to add the folder it was in to the exceptions list and also tell it to restore the executable. I haven't had any issues with updates; just new installs of the software cause me grief.
  3. Another feature I'd like to see is the ability to save the color layouts we set on the devices and see those show up in the color option, as the RGB and Single options show. Maybe even be able to set a lighting effect to transition/flash between a few color sets.
  4. Excellent video! Clears up a lot of the confusion I initially had and that was answered on the forums prior. I'm sure this will help a lot of people new to the software and products. Will the software eventually allow for more customization? For instance more options for timing; something faster than extreme would be nice. Could just go to a numbered system so you don't have to keep thinking of new words for the speeds. Would also be nice if one could put the devices into groups to have different effects on fans, instead of either making them all the same or manually setting them.
  5. I am interested in purchasing a few more strips without the controller. What's the time frame look like for their availability?
  6. Is there any way to have it be based on anything else, while still being consistent? I listen to a lot of metal with fast guitars and drums. Would be nice if it could be more reactive to guitars and higher pitched drums and cymbals.
  7. Not sure what constitutes as a "newer" motherboard, but I have a motherboard from 2013; ASRock Z87 Fatal1ty Pro. I too experience the issue with having to restart the software after coming out of sleep mode. Though with my whole computer on SSD, having to shut down and reboot every time isn't really a hassle. Plus it seems every few months Windows 10 does updates that mess something up and prevent my computer from staying in sleep mode, anyway.
  8. Excellent. Thanks for your help. I heard back from support about the single 140mm Riing Plus fan. They said they don't offer it. It seems strange that a 120mm one can be bought on it's own, but not a 140mm. I am contemplating doing a push-pull on my radiator, in which case I will just order a 3 pack, then.
  9. Thanks. I contacted technical support about it. Also, will the Lumi Plus LED strips be available for purchase separately, in the future? I'm thinking of adding 2 or 3 more strips to my case.
  10. My plan was to add a sixth fan and run it off the Lumi plus controller. However, I can't seem to find a single 140mm Riing plus fan for sale. Is there any way I can order just one?
  11. Okay, I figured it out. In the top left-hand corner I could click to 2, but it still just showed five fans. I assumed this was because I got the controller 2 error. So once I'm here, I can switch device 1 to lumi and control my LED strips. I'll disable the other four, being I am not using them. Thank you for the help.
  12. Thank you for your reply! About the drop downs on the devices on the software. I have all 3 lumi plus strips linked together, and connected to the lumi plus controller. In my software, I only see 5 devices, which I thought corresponded to my 5 fans. Wouldn't a 6th device show up, or does the software only show a max of 5 at a time? Thanks
  13. Hoping I can get some help by posting my own thread. I've tried calling Thermaltake numerous times and there is never an agent available. I left a voice message last week and have yet to get a call back. I've also emailed Thermaltake several times (not just for this issue, but in the past for other issues) and have never gotten a reply. If I don't get some help here, I will be sending my products back and will be done with Thermaltake permanently. I was running just a five fan pack of Riing Plus 14 RGB fans just fine with all the dip switches set to down/off. I have the newer controller, as I just purchased them January 29th. I added the lumi plus pack last week. I connected it to the second micro USB header on my USB 2.0 header to double micro USB header Y cable that came with my five fan pack. I set dip switch 1 to up/on, with the other 3 to down/off. When I load up into windows I get a notice that there is an error with controller 2. All my fans work fine and show up in the software. The LED strips light up and run, but they do not show up in the software. I then tried to the use the daisy chain cable between the controllers, instead of connecting both to the Y cable. The result was the same. I unhooked my fan controller, and set all dip switches to down/off on the lumi plus controller. I get a controller error still. Another note is I am running software version 1.1.5. I tried to get version 1.1.6, however whenever I download it it always shows an installer for V1.1.3 in the zip file. After several attempts of installing that and trying to load it up, it crashes every time. I am running Windows 10 64-bit. Before I filed a warranty claim, I wanted to make sure I had everything hooked up properly and there was no other possibly. I hope I can finally get some sort of response. Thanks
  14. I am a bit confused as to how to daisy chain controllers. I was running a Riing Plus 14 RGB five fan pack just fine. Then I added a Pacific Lumi plus pack, and am having some issues. My five fan pack was connected via one of the micro USB headers from the Y splitter cable included in the pack, with the controller's DIP switches all set down to designate it as controller one. I then connected the Pacific Lumi Plus controller to the second micro USB header on the Y splitter cable, and set the 1 DIP switch up and the rest down to designate it as controller two. Doing this, I get an error message about controller two. All the fans work and are accessible in the software. The RGB strips run, however they do not show up in the software. I next tried directly chaining the controllers together by the bridge cable. I plugged the four pin end into controller one, and the micro USB end into controller two. When I start up, I get a controller one error, and all my fans are inaccessible in the software. What is the proper way to chain these two controllers? Thanks for your time.
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