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    AlShuryan got a reaction from babydoll54 in [Closed] Pre Event Prediction Voting Thread   
    Ron Lee and Brian Carter will give everyone a good run. Enjoy the MOD'!
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    AlShuryan reacted to Tt Andy in What is Tt LCS Certified?   
    And many many more..... so look out for the logo!
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    AlShuryan reacted to Tt Shannon in What is Tt LCS Certified?   
    Tt LCS Certification is to show the strength and compatibility of a high end gaming and enthusiast chassis as it should be.

    Many more to come!
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    AlShuryan got a reaction from BlueHorseStudios in [USA] Ron Lee Christianson   
    My votes for SteamPunk
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    AlShuryan reacted to Boddaker in [USA] Brian Carter   
    Thanks guys!
    Had a great productive weekend, got a bunch of little things taken care of, and was able to start assembling the water cooling loop.
    Got some of the lighting done, which required some soldering.  I had to cut up the UV  ledstrip and re-attach them so they would lay where I wanted.

    For the logo badging on the front, there was only a small area where I could hide the leds so they wouldn't bee seen through the badge, so two strips were laid side-by side and connected via two small wires.

    A quick smoke test..

    Once I confirmed they worked, I stuck them to the inside of the lightbox, on the wall behind the solid part of the logo. The box was lined with aluminum foil tape, which accomplishes two things:  Reflectivity inside the box, and keeping the light from escaping anywhere else but out through the logo face.

    Here's the logo lit up with nice indirect lighting.

    And here's the finished lettering that will go underneath the lit logo badge..

    The logo also makes an appearance inside the inner chamber, on both sides.  I had some 1/8" acrylic cut to cover the floor and up the sides, turning into Adrenal Express half way up.

    Now you know why I painted the inside of the box the way I did. 

    I got the box lit up with more UV lighting, hidden behind the front edge all the way around.

    And finally with the floor in place, I could start installing reservoirs and the rest of the hardware..

    This is the last week before voting starts!  It will be close, but I think I can get this thing wrapped up before the deadline.  Wish me luck!
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    AlShuryan reacted to Boddaker in [USA] Brian Carter   
    Got all the fan grills mounted last night.  Both rads' fans and the PSU face the side panel, and sit right against the window.  So holes were cut and the grills were attached right to the window.
    First I marked all the holes on the window and taped off the area around the touch screen fan controller.

    Then I proceeded to cut out all the holes after taping the surface for protection. This was after I cut everything and was demasking (forgot to take the pic earlier)

    Testing the fitment of the rad grills.

    After a light sanding of the grills to frost them up a bit, I mounted them to the window using spare HDD screws.

    And the window back in the panel and on the case..

    Looking forward to a good modding weekend ahead!  Hoping to wrap up the front panel and get the pump/res's installed with tubing.  Then it's on to wiring (ugh) 
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    AlShuryan reacted to Boddaker in [USA] Brian Carter   
    Got a bunch of things accomplished over the weekend.  I got my laser cut acrylic in from Primochill on Friday, so my plans to do wiring got happily postponed lol.  Here's a teaser shot of the radiator grills..

    I remade the PSU's fan cover as well, with the Ad Ex logo in the center..

    I will have a backlit logo badge on the front panel, so I had all these letters cut.  It took a bit of time gluing all of them down.  I used a piece of tape as my alignment to make sure everything was straight and spaced evenly.

    I spent most of the time prepping the front panel for the logo badge and front IO relocation, as well as a secret special feature that I will reveal later.  ;-)

    I cut a piece of black ABS sheet to fit behind the mesh, and sprayed a bit of green around the cutout for effect. I'll be doing the same behind the top panel.

    Before installing the inner chamber for the final time, I laid down some 1/4" foam sheet to cover the bottom of the case.

    I cut some slots in the center to clear the dust screen hooks.  They actually served to hold foam the down quite nicely.

    Getting the rads mounted, and all the shocks back in in preparation for the inner chamber.

    The inner chamber is back in!  Hopefully for the last time.

    A shot of the top, with the WC inlets and outlets that will connect to the radiators.

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    AlShuryan reacted to davido_labido in Detaching Riing blades from the hub (IMPORTANT)   
    I have just done a very quick video guide for you about this dude

    Apologies it's not very professional its 3.10 am here
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    AlShuryan reacted to Jeng_Ki in Detaching Riing blades from the hub (IMPORTANT)   
    sir push same corsair fan
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    AlShuryan reacted to wana7262 in Commander GSIII Steel Dragon Mod   
    Hello everyone, recently i changed my PC Case from Thermaltake Commander GSIII to Thermaltake Core V71 and planned to do some Case Modding stuff on my New Core V71 case, But before that i decided to mod my spare case that Thermaltake Commander GSIII, because it is 1st time am doing these modding things . 
    Then i Started on my Spare case, I will post Updates of it accordingly. If i will succeed in my 1st case mod then i will mod my latest case Thermaltake Core V71.

    Real Case

    And Modding Started

    More Updates Coming!
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    AlShuryan got a reaction from rathar3 in DRAGON   
    Concept of the 3D Dragon element

    So many paints used in this project

    Side window after Laser etching

    Here is the 3D printed Dragon Face

    Working on making parts clear for glow thru lighting

    Finished Dragon after hand painting

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    AlShuryan got a reaction from TristanSob in PUNISHER V2, American Sniper   
    Version 2 and SUBJECT TO CHANGE atleast I hope it does...

    Special note: This is not a MODs4VETS / PCs4VETS project. As my finale project I'm using my review product saves, my purchases and sponsored products to build myself a RIG finally.

    Thermaltake URBAN T81
    Thermaltake Toughpower Grand 1200W
    ECS Z87H3-AX Extreme GANK L337
    Intel Core I5 4670K
    Dominator® Platinum Series — 16GB (4 x 4GB) Dual/Quad Chan DDR3 DRAM 1866MHz
    2 x XFX R9 290x Xfired
    @Sanctum Mods Cables by Joe Angel Mercado (sponsored)
    Monsoon Series Two D5 Premium Dual 5.25†Reservoir - Red (sponsored)
    Thermaltake Pacific W1 CPU Block (sponsored)
    Thermaltake Pacific Riing Fans 120mm and 140mm (sponsored)
    Pacific PT40-D5 Reservoir/Pump Combo W/Mod Kit (sponsored)
    more to come

    Elements I wold like to use in the MOD are

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    AlShuryan reacted to Boddaker in [USA] Brian Carter   
    Got all the shock absorbers mounted over the weekend!
    Working on the top shocks first, I got the corner shock brackets mounted into the corners using the existing pop rivet holes.

    For the top shock mounts, I had to cut the ends off of the radiator support bracket to make room in the corners.

    The back two shocks mounted..

    ..and the front two..

    All four top shocks mounted to the corners.

    After measuring and centering the inner chamber at the correct height, I drilled holes on all four corners to mount the other shock brackets.

    Flipping the entire case over, I started working on the bottom shocks.

    I removed the inner chamber temporarily so I could have room to work, and proceeded to mount the remaining four shocks in the bottom corners.

    While the chamber was out, I drilled holes in the bottom using the same measurements as the top, and re-installed it into the case.

    We now have a fully suspended inner chamber!



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    AlShuryan reacted to Boddaker in [USA] Brian Carter   
    The inner chamber of the Adrenaline Transport Container was completed over the weekend, using only the highest grade galvanized steel sheet.  The galvanization process alters the molecular structure of the steel, creating a superior adrenaline-proof barrier, should any leaks occur.  Our courier's safety is of utmost importance here at Adrenaline Express!
    Marking out the dimensions of the inner chamber onto raw galvanized stock.

    A jigsaw outfitted with high tensile strength tungsten carbide blades was used to cut the specially treated steel. 

    After bending, we have four sides.

    A separate piece for the back was made, with a 1/2" lip all around..

    The back fits perfectly inside the four sides.

    Once riveted together, I could start test-fitting parts inside the chamber.  First was to ensure the two Adrenaline Reservoirs would fit snugly in their places.

    Next will be placement of the main control board, which will be responsible for regulating the environmental conditions of the chamber, as well as monitoring vibrations.
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    AlShuryan reacted to Boddaker in [USA] Brian Carter   
    Since Adrenaline is such a potent chemical, it must be handled very carefully.  If just one drop should escape from its container, the consequences would be devastating.  So first and foremost, construction of the transportation unit is critical, and extreme care in keeping the Adrenaline stable is paramount.  That is why these heavy duty shock absorbers will be employed on every corner to ensure that no vibration makes its way into the container..

    These heavy duty shock absorbers, normally used on full suspension mountain bikes, will be put to better use here.


    Taking 1" square box tubing, I cut eight individual pieces out for mounting the shocks to the inner chamber.

    The shock fits inside the bracket, utilizing the mounting hardware that came with it.

    All eight chamber mounts done.

    For the other end, a slightly different design was needed to mount the shock to the corners of the outer frame.  More 1" box tubing was sectioned out.

    Cut and drilled to accept the shock bolt.

    All mounting brackets done!

    These triangle pieces will fit into the corners of the frame.

    The top brackets are drilled in the center, and the holes squared.

    This keeps the carriage bolt from spinning when the nut is screwed on.

    Both pieces fastened together.

    A 1" flat washer is used to reinforce the bracket and spread out the load.

    Once the frame is prepped, these brackets will then be riveted into place.  More soon!
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    AlShuryan reacted to Boddaker in [USA] Brian Carter   
    I really like the X9, not only for it's size, but also for the shear number of options and configurations one can choose to go with when building a system.  It literally takes the boredom out of putting a computer system together because it can be built in so many different ways within this one chassis.  This is evidenced by the myriad of X9 rigs out there right now that people have built for themselves and others, each one vastly different than the next, much like snowflakes in their uniqueness.

    That's why when I took delivery of my X9, I felt a sense of anticipation, as if I was stepping into the unknown, my path uncertain.  I was giddy with excitement, eager to tear into the box like a child and his present on Christmas morning. My heart started racing and I quickly scribbled my illegible signature on the delivery man's tablet and waved him off, never once taking my eyes off the box.  My new enemy became the very cardboard that had served to protect that which was concealed inside, and was quickly subdued as I targeted its weakest points with the first thing I could find within reach:  my house key.  Stabbing the packing tape repeatedly along its seams, I eventually succeeded in opening the box, only to find the X9 was yet unseen; obfuscated by Styrofoam and plastic (Dr. Cardboard's obvious cohorts).  But even these final layers of protection were no match, and ultimately yielded to my unrelenting desire to gaze upon my new case.

    After a few moments of silent staring and admiration, I took a deep breath as I began to contemplate my seemingly impossible task of deciding what to do for a theme. The choices are virtually unlimited!  How can I settle on one single idea?  Should I go with a video game theme, or movie? What could I do that hasn't already been done a hundred times over?  Then the answer just appeared before me as I watched the delivery truck start up outside and drive off.  This whole thing that I had just experienced, the anticipation, the excitement, the excelerated heartbeat... it was like getting a shot of adrenaline.  Before the X9 arrived, I was bored, tired and lethargic.  And once it got here, I felt awake, motivated, inspired.. I felt alive!  So this theme will exemplify that feeling of heightened alertness. The Core X9 will become the vessel that transports this highly exuberant chemical to its new owners, curing them of the common doldrums.  Of course, there is only one company internationally certified to carry such a fragile, and extremely rare commodity...

    And that company is:

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    AlShuryan reacted to Boddaker in [USA] Brian Carter   
    Greetings everyone!  It's such an honor to be selected to represent the US in Thermaltake's CaseMod Invitational, Season 2!  This is going to be a really exciting competition, with so many talented modders battling it out.  I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with, using the X9 chassis. 
    Here are my requisite photos of all the great hardware that will be going into this build.  Special thanks go to not only Thermaltake for hosting this amazing competition and providing for most of the hardware, but also to Avexir for the sweet DDR4 memory kit, and to Newegg!
    Here is an overall shot of the booty, case and all..

    Thermaltake ToughPower 1200w power supply

    ASUS Sabertooth X99 motherboard

    ASUS Strix GTX 970 video cards X2

    Intel i7 5820K processor

    Avexir DDR4 16Gb Memory Kits X2

    Samsung 850 EVO 240Gb SSDs X3

    Thermaltake hot swap dual drive bays X2

    360mm Rads X3

    200mm Res/Pump combos X2

    Soft tubing

    Rigid tubing

    Miscellaneous fittings (too many to itemize lol)

    STRIX 970 waterblocks X2

    120mm Riing Fans Green X9

    200mm Luna Fan white

    Commander FT Fan Controller

    Commander FX 10 port Fan Hub

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    AlShuryan reacted to BlueHorseStudios in [USA] Ron Lee Christianson   
    Today I got started working on the side panel door,and paint the chassis body,after tear down and sanding I applied my base coats and a old world copper finish the airbrushed in some weathering. For the case door. I want to make it look like Port hole or steam hatch.

    The material Ill be using in this process is 00.80 ABS and polystyrene.




    In my next update Ill do some work on the reservoir bodies, I want to make them look like fuel cells, should be fun, Stay tuned In!!

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    AlShuryan reacted to BlueHorseStudios in [USA] Ron Lee Christianson   
    Here Im starting the clay sculpt of the Death clock thats gonna have a working gear driven time piece.Im thinking of adding a small steam generator to the valves on the death clocks head.These sculpt are very raw and very little final details have been added in


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    AlShuryan reacted to BlueHorseStudios in [USA] Ron Lee Christianson   
    I got started working on the case feet, I'm using a wet clay then gonna make a silicone mold and resin cast them
    The feet will be raptor/dragon feet that Ill tie into the steam punk over all feel with other medieval and neo-victorian elements..

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    AlShuryan reacted to BlueHorseStudios in [USA] Ron Lee Christianson   
    I would like to thank New Egg and Avexir for providing the hardware to all of us to make this event happen, and a very special thanks to Thermaltake for their support with all the Water Cooling and case components.



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    AlShuryan reacted to BlueHorseStudios in [USA] Ron Lee Christianson   
    I would like to thank Thermaltake, NewEgg,Avexir and all the modders for being a part of this event.

    Good luck to everyone!!

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    AlShuryan reacted to Tt Andy in Tt Modded Cases 2009 ~ 2014 Pick Your Winner!   
    The winner for this giveaway is Peten
    Congratulations you have won yourself a GOrb II !!
    Please inbox me your details and we will send you your prize

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    AlShuryan reacted to Tt Andy in [Closed] Pre Event Prediction Voting Thread   
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    AlShuryan got a reaction from Tte Martin in DRAGON   
    Concept of the 3D Dragon element

    So many paints used in this project

    Side window after Laser etching

    Here is the 3D printed Dragon Face

    Working on making parts clear for glow thru lighting

    Finished Dragon after hand painting

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