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  1. Joanne Tech Lover reviewed our SYBARIS hybrid wired/wireless headset, highlighting its strong points in audio quality, integrated + external mic design (a point often overlooked), and overall comfort. Check our her video review embedded below or via this link:
  2. NikKTech reviewed our CRONOS headset, and ultimately gave it their gold award. They gave it good marks for some of its features and characteristics listed below: Click on over to read the full review at: http://www.nikktech.com/main/articles/peripherals/headsets/3972-tt-esports-cronos-gaming-headset-review NikKTech goes through the package contents, close up pics, and comments on how the headphone is overall in use.
  3. Hey Sublime, I'm not sure what to tell you. Had it just been water, there was a better chance it would be ok. But with an energy drink, some of it probably dried off and left residue inside the mouse that could be effecting it.
  4. For anyone experiencing issues with their VOLOS, please try this updated software. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qvtb7v7cfdp8zdq/Tt%20eSPORTS%20VOLOS%20AP%20V2.0.zip?dl=0 Some of the previous issues ended up being related to firmware + software compatibility. With this new updated firmware, we've incorporated a firmware check + update method into the software itself. Please note: While flashing the firmware to the newest one, please do not use the mouse. Let it finish updating, then begin usage.
  5. Glad to see things were resolved fleshy. Enjoy the mouse!
  6. Hey StaticFX, we're sorry that your experience with the CRONOS was not satisfactory. Could you private message me and further explain the part about the headset jack and your PC case? As that really does not sound normal, and we would like to look into this.
  7. We've got new pictures of the VERTO up! For more information on the VERTO headset please visit the following: Product page: http://www.ttesports.com/Headset/148/VERTO/productPage.htm?a=a&g Press release: http://www.ttesports.com/newsdetail.aspx?s=9161
  8. Tte Jeff

    VERTO - Album2

    The VERTO headset offers strong styling with comfort, bringing a sophisticated touch & gaming feel. Features at a glance: -Dual headband design -Auto-adjusting -Protein leather ear pads -Bendable and pivotable microphone -Removable cable design -PC & Mobile ready, with 2 included cables For more information: Product page: http://www.ttesports.com/Headset/148/VERTO/productPage.htm?a=a&g Press release: http://www.ttesports.com/newsdetail.aspx?s=9161
  9. I love blue switches. l ï½ã€€ï½– e.
  10. Hey Zelonier, I'll feedback your request to the team.
  11. Hey there, we're very sorry to hear about your experience with the CHALLENGER Pro keyboard. This is definitely not the user experience we aim to deliver. I can only tell you that this is a rare occurrence, and that we'll let the AU team know to look into this. Could you also tell us from where you purchased? We will follow up on our end to look into this matter.
  12. Hey ServetCarey, we do not recommend taking apart the SHOCK headset, as that would void warranty. It sounds like you are saying the right side of the headband adjustment works as normal, but the left side is now too loose & will not hold in position? Please register for an account and submit a ticket for support @ http://my.ttesports.com/ , a customer service representative will help you.
  13. Just as a preliminary measure, can you check for me that the sensor isn't being blocked by something?
  14. Hey fleshy, can you be a bit more specific. What do you mean by mouse drag? A delay in response?
  15. I've sent you a PM. Could you confirm for me what your setup shows, similar to post #11 / 12 in this thread?
  16. Good to see more mouse owners here
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