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  1. Hi Tsunami, did you try switching into "Game-Mode" from "normal mode" ? S-key assignments are only active in Game-Mode. The button to switch is the one to the left of the profile switch buttons.
  2. Hi pdesai, please try the "Button response tool" which you may find on this page:http://www.ttesports.com/Mouse/28/THERON/productPage.htm?a=a Adjusting to a higher time should fix your issue. I'll also send a PM your way with this same message.
  3. Hey there, You can try Simlim Square. 4th floor: PC Themes # 04-15 5th floor: Videopro # 05-75/76
  4. Hey Kilow, unfortunately they won't fit on your CHALLENGER Pro keyboard. Good news is, you're of course still eligible to win
  5. Hi col.phantom, I've already informed the team about this. Will update you on this once this has been reviewed.
  6. Hi, sorry to hear that your experience with our MEKA G-Unit was not satisfactory. This is not the user experience we aim to provide, and it also does not sound like the MEKA G-Unit was functioning properly. I'll feedback the issues you've mentioned here to our team. Would also like to ask if you attempted to contact our customer support for these issues?
  7. I will check with the team, and provide an update.
  8. Hi PurpleNinja63, to start off did you try this with the latest firmware+software from http://ttesports.com/Mouse/134/Level_10_M_Hybrid/productPage.htm?a=a&g=ftr ? Was this attempted in wireless mode, or wired? And have you tried with a different PC, to see if the same thing happens? As there's lots of variables in a PC setup, we'll have to get some more information first. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  9. Gotta say col.phantom, you know your stuff. I'm a big fan of Tyll's site.
  10. Hey mindys, I've sent a pm your way.
  11. The low max speed issue, was experienced in-use or on something like enotus tester?
  12. Hey col.phantom, when you flip your mouse over. Please check the sticker label. Some of the BLACK mice are labeled DTA, while others have the DT label. You'll have to match this to the corresponding firmware/software.
  13. Ok, and what version of windows are you using? I'll report this to the team, and try to get you an update.
  14. Was this issue there before using this firmware?
  15. Hey col.phantom, that sounds a bit off. May I ask what firmware you are using?
  16. Hey col.phantom, thanks for the feedback. We'll definitely take this into consideration. Community feedback is important and appreciated, as it helps keep us better in touch with our core users.
  17. Dear DarkRaziel, Have you configured your windows to use Aimp3 as your default player?
  18. Hey GCube, unfortunately we don't have an estimate for this at the moment. We will of course, announce news if anything changes.
  19. Thanks for the quick reply. We'll look into this and provide an update to you.
  20. Glad to hear that the mouse is back to normal Euforia.
  21. Not silly at all. My bad on not noticing you weren't in the US.
  22. Hey Forcedflesh, it's pretty much as Shannon mentioned. In designing our mice, we aim for the best balance for the largest user group. We also provide a variety of mice in different sensors / shapes / ergonomics to match. With the THERON in particular: we looked at many mice on the market, and noticed some mice curved strongly on the back end making the length shorter & some were more gradual in curving, producing an elongated shape with a pronounced left side that jutted out (assuming it's a right handed mouse) . Users generally fell into 2 categories, in regards to this curve: [1] the gradual curve/elongated shape, seemed to be in the way when using a palm grip. feeling unnatural these users would find a strong curve with a shorter mouse length to be a more ideal shape for palm grip. [2] the gradual curve/elongated shape, was good as it made for a more secure palm grip. these users would find a strong curve with shorter mouse length to feel "hollow" when using the palm grip. Because they expect something to be against their palm. Thus with the THERON, we aimed for a middle ground, the mouse is not as long in length as some others but the slight angular emphasis can still give that 'secure' grip feeling to users whose preference more matched [2]; while also providing a back end shape that should not agitate 'as much' the users whose preference fell in [1].
  23. Hey DKmann101 & TheEnos, so it seems the other e-tailers may not have put the product online yet. It's online at the Thermaltake Online store for USA, but out of stock at the moment: https://store.thermaltakeusa.com/inside03.php?k=8&a=1710 You can signup to be notified when there's stock at that page.
  24. Sorry about the wait, we'll look into it and provide an update.
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