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  1. Hi, We have a new version 1.2.1 that is out now, please test with that and let me know if it resolves the issue. If you have the same issue with 1.2.1 suggest to contact our support and submit a ticket - https://thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  2. Oh btw, can you drop a screenshot showing the error you are getting? thx
  3. Try 1.1.6, it has some improvements and should be the same as 1.1.5 for you. Let me know
  4. Hi, First off, when you get the alert message, make sure to click ok to close it. Then, there is likely a port empty, which the software will alert you that nothing is detected. Click that blue circle on that port in the software to turn it red (Disabled) if nothing is on that port and the software will stop alerting you about it. As for the changes and saving, make sure each controller is on the right profile, they can all be different as well. Check your connections too.
  5. Hello, Can you help to email me and include the email reply from our support telling you we cannot provide the software for troubleshooting? Email: mike.fierheller@thermaltakeusa.com Here is 1.1.7 to help troubleshoot - https://www.dropbox.com/s/ry5m6sa35slpho1/TT_RGB_Plus_Setup_1.1.7_x86.zip?dl=0 Version 1.2.0 is the latest and we have an update coming next week. Yes the software is now required to run in the background in order to give you the new functions like all the other applications. New modes required windows activation, so we had to move to this. In order to "go back" to this, you would need 1.1.6, where this was changed in 1.1.7 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/46qr5spxpddpx9s/TT_RGB_Plus_Setup_1.1.6_x86.zip?dl=0 For the sleep issue, this is what happens, the voltage drops and connectivity is lost, happens with lots of software like this today. Yes you would have to reload the software to get it to come back up, going back to 1.1.6 will remove this, but you will loose out on the updates/features in the new software. Again to mention, I apologize for how out support replied, I have posted software links all over this forum, please send me that email when you have time
  6. ThermalMike

    Core V31

    Hi, Every case collects dust, but the View 31 does have nice filters included, especially for the Bottom/Front and Top of the chassis. They also come off pretty easy for cleaning too. You do not want a really fine mesh in the front, it has to be just right to get enough airflow for the most part. With you in this type of environment, you might want to add more filtration or an enclosure or something, you will have this issue with just about every case on the market without customizing it for your personal situation just to mention. Also, if you plan to add a lot of fans in here and have good airflow, dust will be there, no filter will make it perfect, but the View 31 does have a good amount if you want to go with it.
  7. Hello, Try swapping the USB header cable to the other USB header and see if it does the same thing? What version of the TT RGB Plus software are you currently using? Is this a new system build? Was it working before and now started with the issue or had issue from beginning? - could be bad controller, I see you are in USA, please feel free to contact us today, lets discuss and if needed, will ship you a replacement controller to try. https://thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  8. Hello, Thanks for the feedback, if you go back to say 1.1.8 or 7 for example, does the issue still show up now after moving to 1.2.0? System specs would be very helpful. If you clear the error, close the software and reopen it without a reboot, does the error show up every time still? Have you tried a complete uninstall and redownload/install again to see if this fixes the issue? Check all your connections, make sure something is not like "half-way" connected throwing this error, especially with you saying it just pops up again after clearing then in a game it just randomly pops up again? Something is not right, have not seen it pop up multiple times like that. Will pass the feedback to our dev team to try and recreate, if anyone else having similar issues, please help out and let us know.
  9. Hi, There is no option to start it minimized. The setting in the software will not work unless you load the software. This is the way it is atm, we are looking at more options like "Start minimized", but it has not been added just yet.
  10. Hi, Did you set the dip switch to like #2? both controllers cant be on #1 or it wont show up. About the daisy chain stuff, you can use either of the 2 connections from the USB header Y cable and anything after that will use the link cable. You can plug in #1 controller to the cable from the USB header on the motherboard and then link with the daisy chain cable for #2 as well. Either or dont matter, all that does matter is the dip switch to assign the controller #1-16
  11. Thanks Kewlmunky for the support! The fans have a warning system build in, if nothing plugged into a port on the controller, it will alert you. Disabling that port in the software will take it away and the controller icon will change from Red to Blue. As for the controller assignment, suggest to change it to #1, but having it on 2-16 does not matter which.
  12. No worries, we have the email service as well and usually get back in 1 business day. if you need any help or are not getting a reply, let me know ASAP
  13. ThermalMike


    Hi, Very cool, would like to know how you did this, I want it too! We have talked about Skin options already, takes time and look forward to it. Main thing I want to talk is about the VEGA issues, I have a beta Software for you to try, this goes for anyone else too (No favorites ) I am not going to post it here, but you can contact me by email and I can send you the file: mike.fierheller@thermaltakeusa.com
  14. Hi, When PWM is on, it will do the normal PWM stuff, the blue slider is where you can set the Maximum Fan speed to peak at. For example, if you want PWM, but you dont want your fans to go 100% when needed, you can reduce this. Yes the curve is currently hardcoded, but we are looking to have more options in the future. Personally I dont do PWM anymore, I just run @70% all the time for consistent airflow as I dont like the ramp up/down speed sounds all the time. Its just another option and we have more stuff in the works as well. If you have the Riing Plus fans that are 5V, we sell a TT SYNC Controller that will connect the 5V LED header on the motherboard, but your MB has to have it first I dont think your board does. For the Controllers not working, that is weird, try power cycling them by removing the 4-pin from the controller with the system on and once you reconnect, check to see if they show up. The software update could have failed, uninstall everything and manually delete the folder and do a fresh install.
  15. Hi, Thanks for the information, this is interesting since this was a full built system, not just the part you purchased separately. iBUY should be able to help you with a replacement controller to resolve, your invoice for the system purchase would also work for Thermaltake side for extended warranty just to mention. If you just got this and have had this issue since day 1, I would consult iBUY first, but you are happy to contact us as well. For our side, we can help with a controller replacement to have you swap it out if you want to do that. iBUY should be able to help you out with it, good team over there. "Take Note" sorry for the typo, i have discussed with a lot of people about the C++ software that needs to be installed, there is other ones as well in there you should have installed for general use with Windows update.
  16. Hi, If it makes it easier for troubleshooting, just unplug the 4 pin from the controller instead of the molex. I would also suggest to make sure you have all the windows updates, get the latest software version and/or completely remove the current and reinstall new. MAKE SURE the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable is correct, you have the right one installed. Take note, if you have it, it will error on install, this file cannot be overwritten, you have to manually uninstall it and reinstall. A lot of us manufactures use this for these programs, without it the software will not function. The controller could just be bad, it happens, contact our support, will help with swapping it out to see. https://thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  17. Hi, You might have the older controller and just need the new one for RYZEN. Contact our support, will ship one out to you: https://thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  18. Hi, Sorry you are having an issue, more details would have helped me give you some suggestions, but that is no problem, we have support to assist. Contact our USA support - https://thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com/hc/en-us I see people contacting our other regions for support and ask why it takes so long, so make sure if you are in the USA, to contact us via our USA support. You can also call us today! Check the link for details!
  19. Here you go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/46qr5spxpddpx9s/TT_RGB_Plus_Setup_1.1.6_x86.zip?dl=0
  20. Hi, Thanks for the feedback, question for you... Should it be faster or slower? Right now when I compare Aurora mode with say what ASUS Aura mode has similar it is around the same speed. We work with ASUS a lot on the sync controller and stuff so we wanted it to match with the MB LED stuff too. Appreciate any feedback!
  21. I don't get what you want to do and I especially do not suggest you cut any wires to try to anything you want to do yourself as a rep from Thermaltake if you know what I mean. The Pure Plus should work as intended, if you have a problem, please provide some details a little clearer for us (me) to understand. Good luck!
  22. In order to get the LED on boot to have the value stored, you have to go back to older version, 1.1.6 it will save the setting to the controller for that whole 15 seconds you are concerned about. We had to make the change in order to have the new modes we added as it requires windows and that was what had to happen.
  23. Hi, You cannot connect any Riing Plus fan to your MB, do not do this, there is way more involved and I do not want you to damage your components. You have to use our controller if you want the fans to function Why do you want to connect the fans to your motherboard in the first place???
  24. Hi, Cant see video, but would suggest to check the fans and make sure nothing is in the way of the fans like a cable or something that is rubbing against them. Is it coming from the pump? Might be a air pocket in there still from shipment, try rotate your case around with the system off and tap on the pump with your finger. If it goes away after this that all it prob was... if it stays you might want to see if it goes away after 1-2 days or just swap it out as something could be wrong.
  25. Hi, This would be a completely new mode or a overhaul to the Thermal Mode ultimately. - Noted for feedback. We have found some modes do not have brightness control, if you can reference the modes you have issues with this feature, please let me know your feedback!
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