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    adelinevoc reacted to Alan-Lee in POD II, THE STRONGHOLD   
    SO Hello everyone, I am never really finished with a project, but I would like to dare saying that for the time being, I am finished with the following project.
    A big thank you goes out to Scan, Bit-Tech and Thermaltake, as well as all those involved in getting
    this first UK trophy up and running. Thank you for including me and giving me the chance to compete against those 4 top guns here.
    PODII, THE STRONGHOLD, yes thats the name of  this case which should portray strenght and stability.
    lets put it this way, you could drive around with it in the boot at a 100 miles an hour and this baby wont budge ot tilt or give in to the centrifugal forces. it stands like a cliff against the tides. very sturdy steadfast and rock steady. you cannot just knock it over.
    I wanted it to be broad shouldered, bulgy and bulky and decided to  build it more in the breadth than hight.
    After sliceing the case diagonally down the middle, I set the bottom half into the POD (which actually means power on demand for me) and built the whole extra caseing around it. I used certain parts of the corex31 case too for the radiator fittings, hdd holder and panels etc..
    I decided pretty quickly to modify the case unconventionally and stack the two 240er radiators in the case with heads up jutting out like two bumpers with fans and air intkes in the front.
    by the way the whole case is of course built so that each and every par can be detached, fixed, rebuilt or simply unmounted for maintenance etc..
    After recieving the Thermaltake chrome parts I decided that chrome was to be omni present every where. The  card screws and display knobs are all covered with chrome parts left over from the jean buckle chrome tops which i used togatehr with the modified gardene fittings and chrome pipes for the overall deco set off.
     I decided to go with matt black and set it off with the shiny reddish dark crimsony type red metalic like on the maninboard and SSD. that made me tinker araound with inking up the ptherwise very poppy red TT coolant to get the same tone for the water, as can be seen in the reservoirs which are placed on both sides like gatlin guns slung low.
    One thiong was quite certain from the start, that I was going to make the pipes look a little more bulky and strong looking by covering them with this spring spiral tubes form teh local garden warehouse.
    Seeing as i dont use automation and have to make each and every part in painss taking hand work, it was as usual hard getting both side equally symetrically precise. but I like proving that its possible.
    Most of the red plates hide inirect leds underneath. I only took red ones and they have an effect module which can control three channels and make em blink, fade, flash and flicker to music as well as in certain preset effects too.
    Thanks to Thermaltake for sending me extra tubes because i really had more than usual here, i needed 3 packets of flexi tubing to get both loos curled around the case in and out and working the was i want.
    The rear hatch hold two fans just like the side fans too. the side fans have been mounted in a way i have never seen done before. they are not screwed in, they are just slotted in and click into place diagonally. Hence, they can be slid out and cleaned or replaced too at will by unscrewing 2 screws to take the fan covers off.
    The rear hatch is magnetically clicked on and has plates with leds as well as 2 hanlde grips to hold it.
    Up left on the perch is an HD webcam wich can be pitched and yawed to the required angle at will.
    I even slid in a Thermaltake HDD and USB 3.0 quickdocker into the lower left side for quickly accessing temporaray data. The Hyperbeast SSD in placed at the left of the mainboard.
    I made the fan holders at the side in such a way that when looking at it while standing in front of it, they look like stern eye brows frowning at you.
    I integrated the switch and usb and audio panel in the front and the whole front can be unscrewed to open and fix if needed. The front should look a little like a fast car front.
    All in all, that was just about it, Of course I could go on and on describing how I did what, but now will let some preliminary final pictures tell the tale. Just for the record, its the POD II with an own name called THE STRONGHOLD because I also made a POD 1 which can be seen here too.
    The first POD was a totally different design and compared to this one a real tiny one. but it had power too. This one casta shadow over it as far as size is concerned though.
    I hope you all like it.


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    adelinevoc reacted to Boddaker in The Rose   
    Hey guys, it's time for another case mod project! This will be for my daughter this time (if you recall I did a Minecraft R2-D2 mod last year for my son).
    I'll be using the Suppressor F51 for this build, as it lends itself well to the sleak and elegant design my daughter and I came up with.  She wanted a pink rose themed build, so I will have a beautiful rose-shaped reservoir in the front, and all the hardware will be openly displayed on a custom one-piece angular chassis insert. All plumbing will be hidden behind the insert, except for an elegant curved water channel that spans over the motherboard to the GPU...

    Here's a breakdown of hardware I'll be using in this build:

    EVGA X99 microATX motherboard

    EVGA GTX 970 with EK block

    EVGA 550w Supernova GS PSU and X10 Carbon mouse

    Crucial 250Gb SSD, and 16Gb DDR4 Ballistix memory kit

    EK Supremacy Evo CPU block

    EK D5 Pump top and chrome cover

    EK 280mm Coolstream Radiator

    EK 45º and 90º elbow fittings

    Primochill Revolver fittings & fluid
    Huge thanks to Primochill, EVGA, Crucial, EK, and of course Thermaltake for their continued support!
    So let's get to some actual modding shall we? Seems lately I can't help but to hack into a case first thing. So after stripping it down to the frame, I taped off the area that will be cut away to make room for the new one-piece insert...


    I made a cardboard template to see how the pieces will fit together.  Only three pieces make up the entire insert:  Back piece, angled center piece, and front piece.

    After some initial attempts at bending the center piece myself, I realized I wasn't going to be able to produce the results I was looking for, so I sucked up my pride and brought the cardboard template down to the local metal fab shop and had them weld it up for me.

    They did a nice job bending and tack-welding the pieces together.  I can now go in with the bondo and smooth out the panels and fill in the corners.

    I'm hoping to have this case done for PDXLAN 28 in July, my daughter's first lan.    Stay tuned!
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    adelinevoc reacted to Obelisk in Customer service is SH*T   
    for 9 months now i have sent in countless emails trying to get a hold of customer service to have them replace my keyboard and mouse both are sh*t. within 3 months of getting the combo the text on the keys are coming off and the rubber on the mouse is coming off as well.
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    adelinevoc reacted to Tt Andy in Winners of Season 2   
    It was a great CaseMOD Season 2! First of all, we would like to thank our Premium Sponsor Newegg, and our sponsors ASUS and AVEXIR for making this season possible.  We would also like to give a shutout to every modder that participated in this event, you all did a fantastic job. It was a tough season every modder did an exceptional job but unfortunately only 3 modders can come on top.   So without further adieu we are pleased to announce that the Season 2 winners are:   1. [PH] Jesse Palacio        Build Log: http://goo.gl/VaOmPY   2. [FR] Mathieu Heredia        Build Log: http://goo.gl/q4j4T7   3. [RU] Maxim Kisin        Build Log: http://goo.gl/wu89Ee
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    adelinevoc reacted to TT Ben in Team Molotovs And Marshmallows - Tt eSPORTS UK   
    Guys and Gals let's give a merry welcoming party to our new U.K. team for League of Legends, Trackmania, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive!


    "It goes without saying that this is a big step forward for MnM and Tt eSPORTS in the UK eSports scene. With this new foundation we will be able to bring more support to our own players while being part of a leading peripheral company."



    You guys can follow Molotovs and Marshmallows on their official website,Twitter, and Facebook:







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    adelinevoc reacted to ShinAkuma in core p5 EATX   
    Does anyone know if its possible to put a EATX MOTHERBOARD in the core p5 please let me know th
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    adelinevoc reacted to MorteRivenditore in Broken earpiece on Level 10 Headset   
    So to start this off ima say i dont remember when i bought it but i believe it was within a year or 2 recently bin noticing a few issues one being that the sound keeps cutting out. Well a few minutes ago i went to load up my stream and whatnot and went to go play a game and all of a sudden the earpiece basically fell off of were its attached to the frame. The cord is still intact and attached but the screw or w.e was holding it decided it didnt want to hold it any more. Can anyone suggest any ideas to fix this issue/defect (for both the earpiece and the sound loss) Will attach a picture bellow with what i mean incase i didnt explaine very well



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    adelinevoc reacted to Mr.Moonjack in Connect Riing RGB fans to a commander FT fan controller   
    Hello everyone!
    I own a commander FT fan controller and recently i received 2 Riing RGB fans (one 120mm and one 140mm) as a gift
    now,my questions are:
    1) Can i connect the Riing fan controller (which controls RGB leds and fan speed) to a channel of my      Commander FT instead of the motherboard without damaging them? I would prefer to control the fan speed manually according to the situation as i usually do without having to open the case every time.
    2) There are extension cable that allow you to take the Riing fan controller out of the case?
    3) Can i connect the Riing fan controller directly to the PSU instead of the motherboard without damaging them?
    4) can i connect 2 Riing fans with different sizes to the same controller?
    I sincerely thank everyone who responds to me and i apologize if there are mistakes in my English (it is not my native language   )
    I also apologize if my questions seem trivial but i'm a beginner 
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    adelinevoc reacted to ExGm194 in Thermaltake Water 3.0 Extreme with 1151 socket and a h170 motherboard   
    I am going to buy a thermaltake water 3.0 extreme with I7 6700K 1151 socket.
    And I am going to make them on a h170 motherboard
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    adelinevoc reacted to adrian in level 10 M Hybrad mouse wont scroll   
    My level 10M Hybrid mouse scroll wheel is not Woking correctly. I can not scroll up or down. I submitted the form on your website over 2 weeks ago and have not gotten a reply!! It is very frustrating. I can push the scroll wheel down and drag up and down to move but scrolling the wheel up or down does nothing. All other buttons work fine and it does it when wired or wireless. The light on the wheel is also lit up. It used to randomly work then not work but and I would mash a few buttons at the same time and it would start working again but now is not working at all.
    Please help!!
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    adelinevoc reacted to meen1994 in spare parts ear pads for Tt eSports Shock one   
    my ear pads it torn i need  replacement for my headset am in thailand i dont know how to find in thai so not more use shock one i check shop JIB, BANANA IT, or IT city , it no replacement and my warranty it is over pls i hope
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    adelinevoc reacted to diablo13 in pinout thermaltake ring 12 rgb controller   
    can someone give me the pinout from the thermaltake ring 12 rgb controller the 5 pin headers and also the single 5 pin port on the other side off the controller
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    adelinevoc reacted to Tt Andy in [Closed] Pre Event Predictions [2016 CaseMOD Invitational Season 1]   
    The 2016 CaseMOD Invitational and MFC Pre Event Predictions are now LIVE!!
    Comment on this thread who your top modder is for this seasons CaseMOD Invitational for your chance to win a SMART DPS G 650W Gold or Riing RGB 3 pack!
    Riing RGB 3 pack x 3 Smart DPS G 650W Gold x 2  
    Reminder: You can enter on both threads so don’t miss out on your chance to win some awesome prizes!!
    Pre Event Predictions will run from March 2nd to March 30th
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    adelinevoc reacted to Tt Kenny in Core V71 Owner's Club   
    Core V71 pushes the envelope and utilizes a high-end water-cooling solution that feature front 360/420mm, top 360/420mm and bottom 120/240mm radiators to support extreme performance.

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    adelinevoc reacted to Traceheatfist in Cronos HeadSet   
    Hi Recently bought a Cronos Headset, had it for about 1month now having issues with mic not working due to the mute slider button being broken after a few uses, does not allow the mic to pick any sound, Volume control works and the sound from the headset is fine just that one problem. Anyone else had this issue?
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    adelinevoc reacted in Armor Legion Gaming - Tt South Africa   
    『We at ALG are very pleased to announce the beginning of a spectacular alliance with the best in the gaming business, Tt eSPORTS.

    As Proud members of the Tt Esports family, Armor Legion Gaming will strive to live up to the respectable standards that Tt eSPORTS have established and bring further glory to the Tt eSPORTS trophy case.

    We look forward to a long and successful partnership, bringing the best there is in gaming tech to the forefront of gaming, both local and international.

    Using the latest in gaming technology, the Tt eSPORTS Plus+ we will know just how many enemies we have laid to rest, how many clicks took us to victory and give us the edge we needed to overcome our obstacles.

    To victory with Tt eSPORTS is now our calling, and we will answer. ã€
    By Armor Legion Gaming
    CEO and Owner
    ALG | WCvanO
    Wimpie Van Onselen 

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    adelinevoc reacted to ages1272 in Core P5 Venom   
    Here are my specs:
    Intel Core i7-4790K 4.0GHz Quad-Core Processor MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming 100ME 4GB GDDR5 Video Card (x2) EK-Supremacy EVO - Nickel (Original CSQ) Liquid CPU cooler Gigabyte Z97X-UD5H Black Edition Motherboard EVGA 16GB DDR3-1866 16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR3-1866 Memory EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 Watt P2 ATX 12V Power Supply Thermaltake Core P5 ATX Mid Tower Case EK-CoolStream XE 480 (Quad) Radiator Thermaltake Riing 12 RGB LED 120mm Single Case Fan (x4) Monsoon MMRS Fully Assembled and Customizable Reservoir Monsoon Hardline Tube 1/2 x 5/8 - 4 Pack - UV Green Monsoon Free Center Hardline Compression Fittings, 1/2" x 5/8" 6 Pack - Chrome (x2) Thermaltake CL-W054-CU00SL-A Pacific DIY LCS Chrome G1/4 Y Adapter Fitting (x3) Thermaltake CL-W052-CU00SL-A Pacific DIY LCS Chrome G1/4 90 Degree Adapter Fitting (x7) Thermaltake CL-W046-CU00SL-A Pacific DIY LCS Chrome G1/4 Female to Male 20mm Extender Fitting (x4) Thermaltake CL-W035-CU00SL-A Pacific DIY LCS Chrome G1/4 Stop Plug Fitting (x4) Thermaltake CL-W053-CU00SL-A Pacific DIY LCS Chrome G1/4 45 & 90 Degree Adapter Fitting (1)
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    adelinevoc reacted to KrypteKPCModz in Build Log "45Deg"   
    Hello, my name is DJ Madrid age of 21 and also known as Kryptek PC Casemodz, I am from the Philippines. And also, thanks to Thermaltake my major sponsor for this build project, thank you so much for this oppurtunity, more power!
    And now, let's go to the build.
    This project will be named "45Deg" or "45 Degree", the position of the motherboard is something new in our eyes because normally many of the mods today are rotated into 90 degree or 180 degree inverted, so I decided to make a 45 degree rotated motherboard position. I'll be using Thermaltakes water cooling parts, case, power supply and Riing fans.
    Here is my isometric 3D design using Google Sketchup Pro. Hope you'll like it.

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    adelinevoc reacted to Spiryts in Question about Frio Silent 12   
    Hello,I would like to buy this cpu fan, but I wonder if it will fit my pc.
    I have Core V21 case with mini itx motherboar(intel DH77DF), gtx 750.
    Thanks in advance for your help
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    adelinevoc reacted to mehrab2603 in Spare parts for Thermaltake Frio Extreme   
    Hi I am looking for the following 2 parts of the Frio Extreme mounting kit. Is there any place that sells them?

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    adelinevoc reacted to colonelmustard93 in Replacing CPU cooler fans   
    Hello guys,
    I'm thinking of replacing my CPU cooler fans that are 3 lots of 120mm. The CPU cooler that I have at the moment is a 'Deepcool Captain 360'. 
    LINK>>>> https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/part/deepcool-cpu-cooler-captain360
    The fans I want to buy/replace are the 'Thermaltake Pure S 12 LED 38.9 CFM 120mm'.
    LINK>>>> https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/part/thermaltake-case-fan-clf006pl12bla
    However, I want to make sure the 3 sets of fans are quiet. As you can see on the second link above, each fan is 17.8 dbA. Will that make it more louder? i.e 17.8 x 3 = 53.4dbA
    Here is my PC build info:
    Many thanks.
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    adelinevoc reacted to TheFREAKS in keyboard is always holding shift key!   
    so i just go my new tt esport challenger prime keyboard german version
    and new computer .. when i tried to Add D drive and write number i couldnt
    then said ok its a german keyboard so after that when i freshly installed windows 10
    the problem is still there.. i tried it with 2 other computers and it still there
    i installed german drivers and still there .. unchecked sticky buttons and still there..
    Please help me i want to play games
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    adelinevoc reacted to Renan_Saenz in is not a valid floating point value in macro software of saphira mouse, what is this ?   
    Every time I go to configure the mouse macro software thermaltake saphira always happens this independent error of delay time to be 100 or 1000. How can I use the function to change the function of the macro delay takes this error?
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    adelinevoc reacted to FlowMods in [Worklog] Project SnowLite by FlowMods   
    Hi guys!
    I am Filippo and I am a 20 years old italian modder! Last year I finished a mod with Cooler Master Italy, called Project Alpha, which had a lot of success! Then I had the luck to be invited to participate in a big project for Nanoxia, which invited me to Germany to build a desk pc for their booth at Computex in June 2015!   I am going to introduce this new mod sponsored by ThermalTake that I thank you immensely for the support!   The Mod, in white & black theme, is based on a Core X9 Snow Edition to which I decided to remove the original front and midplate and to replace them with two pieces of acrylic completely designed by me and made with laser cutting and CNC milling machine!   The project includes two liquid cooling loop which will respectively cool the CPU and 2 GTX 970 strix! Each loop has a D5 pump and a 480mm radiator connected by rigid pipes while under the midplate I assembled systems with flexible tubes to facilitate the assembly operations. The threads for fittings mounted on midplate were hand made, and the work was not so easy. The hard part was being able to have a tip that does not split open the plexiglass out of the hole, I solved that problem by bringing the drill bit to changr the cut angle to the company I'm referring to the works in acrylic! All cables are sleeved by me, it wasn't easy since it's the first time i made a full sleeved cable set, but sleeves from Icemodz are amazing, and the will be cool   But let me say the components of this mod, which I list below:   HW: Asus Maximus VII Ranger i5 4670k 2x Asus GTX 970 Strix Thermaltake Thoughpower Grand Platinum 1200w HDD: 1TB Barracuda Ram: 4x4 DDR3 1600 Avexir Core Red Led SSD: 1x Samsung 850 EVO 256GB   Loops: 2x pumps D5 Thermaltake (Pacific P1 black) 2x trays cylindrical Thermaltake (Pacific T22) 2x 480mm radiators Thermaltake (Pacific RL480) WB 2x GPU Asus Strix 970 Thermaltake 1x WB CPU Thermaltake Pacific W1 8x Fans Thermaltake Riing White LED Several fittings Thermaltake Chrome Tubes 16/12 PETG ThermalTake DP Ultra liquid Aquacomputer Aquaero 5 LT Power Adjust 3 Ultra by Aquacomputer 2 Temperature sensor to monitor the loops temperatures.   I take this opportunity to thank ThermalTake and especially Andy, who supplied me with such a large number of components to build this mod to re-enter in the world of modding after a stop of some months. I also thank Mundi from Icemodz.com who provided me all the material needed to create my sleeved cables!   I leave you to the photos of the progress!   Filippo   Thanks:     Photos:
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    adelinevoc reacted to Ogre in Poseidon Z RGB Software and Firmware   
    I see new software V 1.312 and firmware V40 of Poseidon Z RGB and I want to know what change from software V1.311 and Firmware V30. 
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