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Team Molotovs And Marshmallows - Tt eSPORTS UK

TT Ben

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Guys and Gals let's give a merry welcoming party to our new U.K. team for League of Legends, Trackmania, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive!


"It goes without saying that this is a big step forward for MnM and Tt eSPORTS in the UK eSports scene. With this new foundation we will be able to bring more support to our own players while being part of a leading peripheral company."




You guys can follow Molotovs and Marshmallows on their official website,Twitter, and Facebook:







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Thank you for the support, I hope we can build a strong partnership over the coming months.




In other news, Our LoL team have made a strong start to their ESL UK Premiership Promotion campaign with some strong performances in their opening games.


MnM vs Rift Gaming

1-0 (25 - 9)


MnM vs Gaben Laser Beam

1-0 (35 - 10)


MnM vs Teamless (Ex Simplexity Gaming)

1-0 (23 - 9)



Currently sitting pretty atop the ladder!




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Our LoL team have been in action again this week in the ESL Major Ladder.


2 more games and 2 more victories mean we have maintained our top position and have given ourselves a great opportunity to claim a spot in the playoff for the UK Premiership.



MnM vs Teamless (Ex Simplexity Gaming)

1 - 0 (16 - 1)


MnM vs InDecision

1 - 0 (21 - 9)


Current League standings


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We feel honored to represent TT eSports in our game, Trackmania, and we can only hope to keep representing you at the top.


In other news our Trackmania team is engaged right now in an online tournament called Stadium Teams Championships or STC for short, in witch we top our group with 3 wins so far and looking forward to win it.


You can see our groups matches results here:  http://www.et-leagues.com/stc11/?dlink=showdivmatches.php&id=3


For older results and updates you can follow our teams facebook page and twitter.




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Our players Joachim "xxRider" and Martin "Kappa" Krompolc are live now in the Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) world qualifiers taking place today for Trackmania, and both are present in 1/2 final's!


Watch them trying to qualify for the final in Paris!


Live stream: http://www.twitch.tv/frostbeule/

Brackets: http://trackmania.drakonia.eu/index.php?p=5&w=1&l=1&tid=88&ts=2013

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The first thing i will do if i win the headset is take my actual Razer headset and throw it through the window. Really, buy that Razer headset is the worst decision i ever made, poor quality, sound is not bad but mic is horrible.


Well, good luck MnM with your games, spread the Tt Esports word!  :D


I first started out with a Razer headset, but in my opinion they're not built very rigidly and you're right the mic is TERRIBLE! 


Thank you for the support it's very much appreciated Aconjonancio!


Welcome and welcome :) And I know my ears are saying the same as they would like to hear news about MnM with the Cronos :)

Thanks for the welcome d3c33u  ^_^ be sure to follow our twitter and facebook to stay up to date with the goings on of MnM :)



 Nice  MnM Tt eSPORTS Cronos Headset

 If I'm lucky, they'll replace your Asus Echelon

 Good Luck all.


May the odds ever be in your favour SergUA622 , I wish everyone could use the Cronos headset! 

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