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  1. The tubing above the RAM kind of reminds me of a car engine. I love the bending around the reservoir!
  2. Hello and welcome to our forum, the Core V51 does not have an LED fan in the front. Do you possibly have the Core V71?
  3. Hello and welcome to our forum! In which country do you live so we can direct you to the regional branch office? We usually have some spare keys lying around so it'll be easy to hook you up
  4. Judging from reviews, both cards require about the same power under load (the 970 actually needs a few Watt less even). The VGA upgrade is not a reason to upgrade your PSU, if everything was running fine before. Regarding your other concerns: Any power supply has the chance to take some components with it if it is malfunctioning. However, that is not the rule and the TR2 is not known for having more RMA cases than other power supplies. The forum posts you found were probably individual cases that you can find for pretty much any power supply on the market. Did you know that the TR2 has over current protection, over voltage protection, under voltage protection, over power protection and short circuit protection? I can not promise you with a 100% certainty that those protection circuits will always kick in to protect your hardware but that is their purpose and it works most of the time.
  5. This is beautiful, I want to cry. It would be perfect if the carrier rocket was replaced with a reservoir
  6. This looks promising! Liked your Facebook page to stay up to date
  7. I'm using a single Sapphire Tri-X OC R9 290 (or something) and it's been serving me well for over a year now. I don't see a reason to switch to a Crossfire or SLI setup yet, it's running all my games at 144Hz and 1080p smoothly with high details.
  8. I nominate https://www.facebook.com/davidolabidomods from the United Kingdom
  9. Hello Chiobe, we have had some demand for the mentioned brackets but they are currently not available from our European branch office. We are looking for options but they'll require a bit of patience, I'm afraid.
  10. Hello foiled, unfortunately it is not possible and would also not be recommended to disable the regular F1-F12 functions of your keyboard. The media functions are only accessable through the combination of Fn + F-key. There might be third party software that allows you to remap certain keys with different functions out there in the internet but we can not endorse any.
  11. What do you mean by registering? PS: Ich spreche auch deutsch.
  12. They are not a copy but look similar. For the Riing fans we use a patented system for the LED illumination and we only use 2 LEDs that distribute the light equally in the whole Riing. Other LED ring fans might have a very bright light spot where the LED is.
  13. That's a great story and it makes us proud that you found your perfect modding case in the Core X9. I am actually wondering why nobody took it onto himself to make a Star Trek Borg Cube mod yet. It was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the first photos.
  14. Which region are you in so we can direct you to the correct branch office for further assistance?
  15. Check out the Riing fans: http://www.thermaltake.com/Cooler/Case_Fan_/Riing/C_00002634/Riing_14_LED_Blue/design.htm
  16. Sounds like an interesting concept. Can't wait to see the first pictures
  17. I've seen the awesome work on the side window already, can't wait to see the rest. Let's hope you can get started soon!
  18. Don't worry about the language. Your casemods say more than anything anyone could ever write. I'm excited to see what you come up with!
  19. Hallo Thorle, welche Tastatur meinst du denn? Ich tippe mal auf die Challenger Prime, da die erste Charge sehr schnell abverkauft war. Falls ich richtig geraten habe, hilft dir folgende Information hoffentlich weiter: Nachschub ist unterwegs und trifft voraussichtlich Anfang Mai ein.
  20. Could you please attach a photo of the unmarked cable to your reply?
  21. To disable the on-screen-display, please right click on the Level 10 M Software symbol in your task bar and select "Disable OSD"
  22. Wow I am blown away. Great initiative!
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