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Found 11 results

  1. I recently bought a ThermalTake ToughPower GF A3 850w power supply. I used it for about 2 weeks. One day the system was just sitting idle and the psu started clicking. Shortly after the pc would just shut off and never turn back on. I requested an RMA and was denied. Possible Reasons for denial, Power supply outside of warranty period, Didn’t provide an invoice for proof of purchase or issue not covered by warranty. I bought this psu September 14, 2023. The PSU release date was April 5, 2023 so couldn’t be out of a 10-year warranty. I attached my invoice in PDF format as per Thermaltake’s RMA request and the psu just died so couldn’t be not covered under warranty. They denied my RMA request via email a few hours after I requested the RMA. So I purchased a new one October 11, 2023. I received it on the 13th. It was the exact same unit the GF A3 850w. I went to start plugging the cables into it and it looked odd looked more like a 500w modular psu because there were 3 less modular ports on it compared to my bad one. So then I noticed there’s a sticker on the new one intentionally put there. I started feeling around the sticker and the sticker was put there to cover some of the modular ports. Compared to the bad unit, there was one less sata/perif , and 2 less eps/pcie ports. I shouldn’t say less but covered up by the sticker/label. Why did Thermaltake do this? This is extremely shady. I can’t even use it with my set up with the sticker covering it. I need 2x 8 pin eps and 3x 8 pin pcie. There’s not enough if I use with that sticker. I typically stock and use Evga and Corsiar power supplies because I’ve never had one issue the past 20 years and I know I have a piece of mind if anything were to happen Evga and Corsiar stand behind their product 100%! They don’t deny an Rma for petty reasons and they sure don’t practice shady tactics by covering ports on their units. Something shady is going on, and I want to know what it is. I have email a fairly big YouTuber/Techtuber who has professional testing equipment to see if he wants to cover and look into this. If anyone know the reason for this, please, let me know. I will attach pictures. pc: 13900KS, Asus Rog Z690 Formula, 64Gb Corsiar Dominator DDR5 7200MT/s, Titan RTX
  2. Hello! I believe this question was asked before, but didn't get a reply so I am trying my luck. I was looking at the Toughpowe PSU's and saw these two models. They seem to be identical from what I could see but the GF A3 is slightly cheaper. Could someone kindly tell me what are the actual diferences between the GF3 and GF A3? Thank you!
  3. Hello my Fellow TT Army: Welcome to the Toughpower Grand RGB Gold Owners Club. Once again you have made the right decision...and we thank you for that. Toughpower Grand series is one of our best series so far and this ATX PSU contain all the best features and most affordable price ever. Welcome to share your builts and ask questions here, we are looking forward to see all amazing works around the world.
  4. Quick question.. I recently moved to a new location. Yesterday I picked up a new sound card that uses a 6-pin power connection. Went to get my pouch of cables for my modular power supply and my box that I had my hardware in is missing. So I now don't have a 6-pin to power the board. Is there any way to get just one 6-pin for my power supply? It's an older one but still works perfectly so I don't want to replace it. I have the Smart M850W #SP-850AH3CCB, is there any way to get a replacement? Edit: Think I should have put this in the Smart Series sub but didn't' see that till just now.. .. sorry about that. Thanks, -Jason
  5. Every time I start my computer the annoying registration pop up window is there telling me to register. I already did and the e-mail NEVER comes to verify the registration. Soooo the annoying window is still there. What is wrong with this program?
  6. Dear Tt support team I brought a new one Thermaltake Smart SE 530W form friend. I can't check my warranty period. please help me! This is my PSU photo Thank a lot JP (jediunderdog@gmail.com)
  7. Salutations, I have just completed a computer build and I am having a few issues that I assume to be PSU issues. I got a Toughpower DPS G RGB 1250W power supply. I got the TT DPS G PC app, and when I launch it, it says "NO Device Detected." I'm not sure why, but because of that, I cannot monitor my PSU or access the features. Is there any solution to this? Additionally, my computer will often restart out of the blue when doing things that it should have no issue doing, like playing a game or surfing the internet. I assume this to be a PSU issue as well. All of my drivers are up to date, and overheating is not an issue, because I consistently monitor temps. I have a GTX 1080 that has 3 fans on it and stays very cool. I also have an I7 6800k that is liquid cooled. I used the TT Pacific RL 360 liquid cooling kit, which brings me to my next issue. The RGB Riing fans are not recognized by the "Riing RGB Radiator Fan" application. It does not show a warning, it displays the temperature but does not let me change the color or any other aspects. It is version 1.0.2, please help. I have the fans plugged into the included fan controller which is plugged directly into the "Pump Fan" header on my MSI x99a gaming pro. I have tried all of the headers including "CPU fan" and "System fan." The fans spin fine no matter what I plug it into, but the program never works. Please help me with my issues. Thank you for your help, Jujuberr
  8. Does Thermaltake manufacture any TFX power supplies? If so, any with an 8-Pin CPU connector?
  9. Hi Everyone: Welcome to the Toughpower SFX Owners Club. You have made the right decision...and we thank you for that. Toughpower series is one of our best series so far and this SFX PSU contain all the best features and most affordable price possible. Welcome to share your builts and ask questions here, we are looking forward to see all amazing works around the world.
  10. Hi everyone, With the release of our latest Toughpower Grand Platinum PSU models at CES 2015, see a first look into what is included with our New Platinum 850W, 1050W and 1200W models! Learn More: http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/psu.aspx
  11. Tt Vincent

    20140703 191110

    From the album: Power Supplies

    Another view of the colored individually sleeved cables.
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